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Agora Care’s platform gives patients control over their medical images

Life sciences

23 June 2021

Geneva Med-IT start-up Agora Care, thanks to its new generation of web-based, patient-centered storage for medical images, has announced the closing of a $ 1 million pre-seed financing round and the nomination of Sophia Genetics’ CEO as Chairman.

Building on a decades long track record of developing renowned open source platforms for the management and analysis of medical images, Med-IT start-up Agora Care is determined to provide patients with the most secure and convenient digital platform for storage and management of medical images. 

The Geneva-based start-up’s solution will give patients the opportunity to be fully in control of their medical images using a simple web-based platform allowing them to share the results of imaging procedures with medical practitioners and healthcare providers anywhere in the world at any time.

“The lack of access to previously performed examinations is a major source of erroneous medical decisions and unjustified costs – not to mention the unnecessary radiation that patients are exposed to due to repeated exams,” explains Prof. Osman Ratib, CEO of Agora Care.

Geneva, an ideal runway to launch innovative digital health ventures

In addition to the closing of a $ 1 million pre-seed financing round, the start-up also announced the appointment of Dr. Jurgi Camblong, co-founder and CEO of SOPHiA GENETICS, as chair of the Board of Directors.

Agora Care also benefits from the support of the FONGIT foundation in Geneva. “We are delighted to see the interest that Agora Care is rapidly gaining” says Antonio Gambardella, Director of FONGIT. “As a state-supported organization, we believe that Geneva, home to WHO and a world-class university hospital (HUG), is an ideal runway to launch this innovative digital health venture with global ambitions.”