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About us

Your guide to starting a business in Switzerland

GGBa, in partnership with the cantonal economic development agencies, assists foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Western Switzerland.

Thanks to a vast network of representatives, you will be advised and supported throughout the process, from the evaluation of potential sites to the start of your activities.

Since its creation in 2010, GGBa, in cooperation with the cantonal economic promotion agencies, has guided hundreds of companies from around the world in launching their activities in the region.

Our services

Our mission is to accompany you and simplify the process of setting up your company in Western Switzerland. All our services are provided confidentially and free of charge.

Advice on the business environment in Switzerland

Our team of experts helps you navigate the Swiss business environment, covering legal, regulatory, and cultural aspects. We provide insights into market trends, competition, and potential risks and opportunities for informed decision-making.

Establishing contacts with partners from both public and private sector

We facilitate your connection with key players in the region, such as public authorities, private companies and industry associations. We accompany you in establishing partnerships and collaborations that will support your business objectives.

Introductions to academic and R&D institutions

We help you get in touch with Swiss academic and research institutions, providing information on funding opportunities and collaborations. Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate connections with universities, research centers and innovation clusters.

Information on the tax system and available financial incentives

We inform you about the Swiss tax system and provide you with details about available financial incentives, such as grants, loans and tax reliefs.

Assistance with all administrative procedures

We help you understand the Swiss administrative landscape: business registration, work permit acquisition, and regulatory affairs.

Identification of commercial or industrial real estate and support for employee relocations

We help you find the right real estate for your needs, whether for commercial, R&D or production activities. We also offer support for staff relocation to ensure a smooth integration.

Ask for advice

If you would like to know more about other topics that could help you in your investment process, contact us.