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Bionomous secures USD 2.7 million to automate life science research

Life sciences

24 January 2023

Bionomous, a start-up based in the canton of Fribourg, raised USD 2.7 Million for its first CE-marked device which helps automate life science research processes.

Specializing in mechatronics, microfluidics, and artificial intelligence, Bionomous recently launched its first commercial product, the EggSorter. This device automatically screens, sorts, and dispenses small biological entities such as zebrafish eggs, xenopus oocytes and embryos, and plant seeds.

In the past year, the Bionomous team focused on optimizing the EggSorter based on feedback from early adopters. As a result, the new device obtained CE certification in December 2022, and is now ready for market deployment. The start of commercialization coincides with the closing of Series A funding, which will allow Bionomous to increase production and expand globally. The company already has customers in Europe, the United States, and China.

Bionomous was born as a spin-off of the EPFL and, in 2021, relocated to Le Vivier Technology Park in Villaz-St-Pierre (canton of Fribourg). The Park is a hub for young start-ups and established businesses active in industrial engineering and innovation, with 20,000 square meters of large industrial spaces, offices, and laboratories. The Park offers optimal operating conditions and is an ideal location for starting new collaborations and learning from industry innovators.

In January 2023, Bionomous has successfully completed its Series A funding round in the amount of USD 2.7 million, with participation from Nivalis Group, Cybernetix Ventures, and Capital Risque Fribourg. As part of the funding agreement, Cybernetix Ventures Founder and Managing Partner Fady Saad will join Bionomous’ board of directors.

Bionomous CEO and co-founder Frank Bonnet stated : “Our team’s success in reaching milestones on time played a crucial role in securing funding from current and new investors for the next phase of our venture. We are also grateful to our early adopter customers for their trust in our products.”

An ideal location for biomedical research

Bionomous is based in Western Switzerland, a region known for its high-tech expertise in basic and applied research. The region has strong connections with both Swiss and international entities, fostering productive exchanges. In addition, the region boasts centralized laboratories and advanced resources for biomedical research, which are accessible to the entire research community, hence encouraging collaborations between major industrial players and start-ups. This environment has allowed numerous companies like Bionomous to flourish and evolve.