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CHF 178 million to further develop life sciences in the canton of Vaud

Life sciences

4 July 2022

To consolidate the development of life sciences in the canton of Vaud, the State Council has announced an investment of CHF 178.71 million in the field.

The life sciences industry encompasses a variety of disciplines such as biology, neuroscience, virology and genetics. Research in this field leads to scientific discoveries and new clinical treatments.

For decades, the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and their public and private partners have invested in this key sector where progress and innovation are paramount.

Since 2017, the State Council has also anchored life sciences in the legislative program as a strategic cantonal development focus. By deciding in 2022 to request five investment credits – representing a total of CHF 178,715,000 – from the Grand Council, the State Council wishes to support the competitiveness of research and higher education in the canton.

The first of the five investment credits (CHF 87.07 million) will be used to construct a life sciences building on the UNIL campus. It will house premises dedicated to both training and research, practical work rooms, laboratories, offices, a large 300-seat auditorium and a center for the exploration of biological systems.

Secondly, CHF 56.95 million will be used to build a new center for precision medicine and immuno-oncology in Epalinges. This building will house research groups in immuno-oncology, precision medicine and bioinformatics.

Cutting-edge equipment and technologies at the service of research and the population          

One of the characteristics of the evolution of biological and medical research is the increasing use of new technologies requiring very specific equipment and the presence of highly qualified personnel.

Three investment credits will support this effort : CHF 7.53 and 23.4 million will provide the Ludwig Institute with a collaborative research infrastructure to improve cancer research, and CHF 3.76 million will be used for a centralized steam generation system for the Lausanne branch of the Institute and the laboratory center in Epalinges.

These buildings will help the UNIL, the CHUV and the canton of Vaud to be at the forefront of research and therapeutic innovation in oncology, immuno-oncology and personalized medicine. They will provide the population with access to innovative therapies and will contribute to improving the availability of quality care at an acceptable cost for the community.