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CSEM will coordinate a EUR 33 million European e-mobility project


30 May 2022

CSEM will coordinate the Swiss cluster of Energy ECS, a large three-year consortium project on smart and secure energy solutions for future mobility.

Energy ECS (Electronics, Components, and Systems) brings together 30 partners from eight different European counties who cover a range of industries and expertise areas. The consortium is organized like an umbrella organization, with CSEM, the Neuchâtel-based research and technology organization, coordinating the Swiss cluster. TietoEVRY, a Finnish ICT company, was tasked with the overall coordination of the project. 

CSEM’s researchers have two objectives in the Energy ECS project. Firstly, they will focus on improving the recharging capabilities of drones. Secondly, they have begun working with consortium partner Swiss Airtainer to develop advanced high-tech solar components and systems for marine and air containers.

Swiss Airtainer, a cleantech based in Yverdon-les-Bains (canton of Vaud), hopes to expand the pharma industry by optimizing the industry’s supply chain using a temperature-controlled and energy-independent air cargo container solution that they have developed. Through Energy ECS, Swiss Airtainer is building a real-time intelligent and independent control system and communication ecosystem. This is of particular interest for those involved in the transportation of medical products or vaccines, as it could help guarantee the supply cold chain.

Another partner of the consortium is Fixposition, which will provide B2B precise positioning solutions for the autonomous vehicle market to enable safer and more automated operations. Within Energy ECS, they will focus on the autonomous navigation of e-buses on pre-defined routes, which can connect with automated drones at specified landing points.

Last but not least, ams International will contribute to the project by developing a technology demonstrator that enables advanced driver monitoring using a 3D system.

Collaborations with European key players made possible thanks to transitional measures

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking scheme enables the Swiss industry, SMEs, and RTOs the chance to collaborate with key European players in the domain of ECS including the whole value chain, while creating new local working ecosystems. Its successor, Key Digital Technologies (KDT), recently had its kick-off.

“I’m extremely delighted to see that Innosuisse has managed to find adequate transition measures for the Swiss partners who will now be part of KDT, and that we can continue to work side by side with the European innovation leaders under the same operating rules as ECSEL,” said Erika Györvary, Lead of European Affairs at CSEM and Swiss Coordinator of Energy ECS.