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Cytiva’s strategic expansion in Western Switzerland’s Health Valley

Life sciences

11 December 2023

Cytiva’s recent move underlines Western Switzerland’s Health Valley region's growing significance as a hub for healthcare technology. Cytiva’s recent move underlines Western Switzerland’s Health Valley region’s growing significance as a hub for healthcare technology. | © Nemaco

Cytiva, a global life sciences leader, has recently bolstered its operations in the Health Valley through a strategic merger with Pall Life Sciences.

Established in Eysins (canton of Vaud) since 2016, Cytiva, previously part of General Electric Healthcare Life Sciences, was rebranded following its acquisition by Danaher for USD 21.4 billion. Despite being less known to the public, Cytiva plays a critical role in the healthcare sector, providing essential equipment for the production of medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, including bioreactors, chromatography devices, and purifiers.

The recent merger with Pall Life Sciences, a medtech company renowned for its filtration technology, represents a pivotal enhancement in Cytiva’s product offerings. This integration aims to streamline the production process of medications and vaccines, reducing manual steps and minimizing human error. Together, the companies registered a combined revenue of USD 8.5 billion in 2021.

Cytiva’s commitment to Western Switzerland is further demonstrated by its substantial investment in a new 7,360 square meter facility in Grens, employing 250 people as part of its 16,000-strong global workforce. Emmanuel Ligner, Cytiva’s General Director, has emphasized the site’s strategic importance, citing the region’s infrastructure, workforce skill level, and proximity to potential partners as key factors in the decision to stay.

The Swiss Health Valley keeps thriving and expanding its influence

The Health Valley is a hub of innovation and collaboration in life sciences, housing around 1,400 organizations and employing up to 45,000 people. Its strength lies in its diversity and specialization, particularly in medtech and biomanufacturing, sectors deeply rooted in the region’s industrial heritage and precision engineering.

The collaborative spirit within the Swiss life sciences sector is evident in the relationship between the Health Valley and the Basel pharmaceutical hub. Rather than viewing each other as rivals, these regions operate in a synergistic manner, contributing to Switzerland’s overall prominence in the global healthcare industry.

The Swiss Health Valley continues to thrive, attracting significant investments and expanding its influence in life sciences. With Cytiva’s latest strategic move, the region cements its position as a dynamic and competitive player in the global healthcare landscape.