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Edaphos’ innovative soil remediation solutions move into the industrial phase


13 July 2022

Fongit start-up Edaphos, an expert in soil bioremediation, has just raised EUR 2.2 million for the development of its subsidiary YpHen and the industrialization of its processes.

Edaphos is an agritech start-up specialized in the production of high-performance fungal biomass for soil decontamination. In nature, fungi degrade almost all waste, so they are able to degrade pollutants. Based on the observation of living organisms and the understanding of the functioning of fungal mycelia, Edaphos’ exclusive technologies allow the mass production of very high performance fungal active ingredients to respond to the problems of all players in the circular economy.

After having benefited from a loan from the Fongit Innovation Fund in 2021, the Geneva-based start-up has just announced the closing of a EUR 2.2 million financing round to prepare a pre-industrialization phase for its YpHen subsidiary.

This funding package includes the raising of EUR 1.6 million from international private players, while BPI France will provide non-dilutive financing of EUR 600,000 directly to YpHen. This financing will allow the company to design the technical route of its industrial process, to secure an IP roadmap and to structure an already substantial commercial pipeline with European players in the field of soil remediation.

Biotechnologies and industrial capacities for sustainable soil regeneration

Start-up YpHen, winner of the CIC Business Awards, aims to create an ecological solution for the remediation of polluted soil. Its solutions have already been deployed with major players in the construction industry in Switzerland and France. The start-up is thus confidently continuing its work to develop a range of encapsulated bio-products for this EUR 21 billion European market.

Inspired by the workings of forest soils, YpHen had already overcome three technological obstacles: the mass production of pure mycelium, the dynamic colonization of most soils and, above all, the encapsulation of mycelia and living organisms, facilitating handling and implementation by extending the life/storage of its products.

By being the first European deeptech to produce bio-sourced, innovative and living polymers for soil remediation, YpHen has demonstrated that biotechnologies and advanced industrial capabilities can sustainably regenerate soil.