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Geneva’s Swiss4 launches an app merging financial and lifestyle services


22 April 2024

Swiss4, a Geneva-based fintech established in 2020, has launched an innovative new application, blending financial services with premium lifestyle management. Boasting a fintech license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Swiss4 has developed an application that promises both security and convenience. | © Swiss4

Swiss4 has launched its innovative new application, which blends financial services with premium lifestyle management.

Swiss4, launched in 2020 and based in Geneva, is pioneering a transformative approach in the financial sector by integrating high-end financial services with comprehensive lifestyle management. The company’s newly released app, fully designed and hosted in Switzerland, allows for seamless financial transactions in multiple currencies directly connected to the Swiss National Bank. It also features a digital concierge service, enhancing leisure and travel experiences for its clients.

The Swiss4 app caters to mass affluent customers, targeting individuals with bank balances ranging from CHF 50,000 to CHF 1 million. Its multi-currency account facilitates global financial activities without hefty currency exchange fees, particularly in CHF, EUR, GBP, AED, and SGD. A notable offering is the World Elite card, a high-end metal debit card that extends numerous benefits, including comprehensive insurance coverage and is backed by Swiss4’s proprietary SwissCore technology platform.

In the company’s press release, Zhina Asmaei, CEO and Co-Founder of Swiss4, emphasizes the company’s commitment to melding Swiss banking excellence with advanced digital solutions: “We aim to enhance the client experience by offering a service model influenced by the traditional excellence of Swiss banking with cutting-edge digital innovation. We have designed it as an integrated financial ecosystem to support our customers and provide them access to exceptional lifestyle services.”

The Swiss4 application is not just about financial transactions, it also aims to enrich the lives of its users by providing personalized lifestyle services. These include organizing travel, hospitality, access to prestigious cultural and sports events, and even private events for its members.

This launch marks Swiss4 as the first in Switzerland to issue World Elite debit cards, enhancing its stance in the financial market. The company’s ambitious approach is to blend traditional Swiss banking standards with innovative digital services, promising a unique blend of reliability, luxury, and technological prowess.