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HealthMe Technologies thrives in Valais’ digital health ecosystem

Life sciences

3 April 2023

Valais-based start-up HealthMe Technologies has been making waves recently after being selected for the CSS and EPFL’s Future of Health Grant programme.

HealthMe Technologies has developed software that empowers patients by enabling them to better understand and assess information provided by medical professionals during consultations. CEO Mohamed Alibashe, a former doctor, was driven to entrepreneurship by his passion for research, patient well-being, and a desire to address challenges faced by patients in the current healthcare system.

HealthMe is dedicated to improving patient-doctor communication by empowering patients to take a more active role in their healthcare, resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction. The company’s technology aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by addressing communication difficulties, enhancing understanding, and promoting personalized care. With a focus on keeping patients at the heart of the consultation process, HealthMe generates customized outputs in real time that are directly accessible to patients and clinicians.

Supported by Greater Geneva Bern Area (GGBa) and Economic Promotion Valais, HealthMe has chosen the canton of Valais as the location due to its exceptional expertise in digital health, which has fostered a dynamic ecosystem with a highly qualified labor pool. The company received substantial support from The Ark Foundation and its start-up incubator, including funding, advice, and access to a network of experts and partners. HealthMe has also formed valuable partnerships with local companies Recapp IT and Tokiwi, whose cutting-edge expertise has been instrumental in the development of their product.

The next crucial steps for HealthMe Technologies include launching their product, utilizing new distribution channels and strategic partnerships, and pursuing the second phase of technological development to enhance their offering and remain competitive in the market.

The canton of Valais is an ideal location for companies in the digital health sector due to its thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs, digital health experts, and AI research groups. This environment fosters innovation and collaboration, offering a wealth of resources, support, and partnerships for businesses in the field. Valais’ highly skilled labor pool, combined with its access to funding and networking opportunities, make it a prime location for digital health companies to grow and succeed. Companies like HealthMe Technologies can leverage this rich ecosystem to create groundbreaking solutions and improve healthcare experiences for patients globally.