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Inflamalps takes part in a significant biopharmaceutical research project

Life sciences

16 November 2021

Biopharmaceutical company Inflamalps has just entered a major Innosuisse project, which aims to discover at least one new class of antimicrobial molecules effective against multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Based in the BioArk in Monthey (canton of Valais), Inflamalps has obtained the support of Innosuisse for an innovative project, which will bring together various research partners from Switzerland, Italy and New Zealand. The project is expected to last one and a half years and will end in May 2023.

The purpose of the project is to discover at least one new class of antimicrobial molecules effective against multi-resistant pathogens, based on extracts of fungi and extremophilic microorganisms. These would then be used in the treatment of serious or complex infections.

In recent years, the overuse of antibiotics has led to an increase in the number of multidrug-resistant pathogens. Today, more than 700,000 patients worldwide die each year from an infection caused by a multidrug-resistant pathogen.

Saving lives and reducing healthcare costs

Making a new class of antibiotics available against a multi-resistant human pathogen would have a real and significant impact, notably in the treatment of complicated infections. Ultimately, such a discovery would save lives and reduce healthcare costs.

Mindful of the stakes, Inflamalps had previously identified an extremophile and six filamentous fungi that possess significant antimicrobial properties. With the Innosuisse project, Inflamalps wants to reach the next level. The objective is to split the available extracts in order to isolate the antibiotic molecules and to determine their structure.  

The discovery of new patent-eligible antimicrobial molecules would enable Inflamalps to initiate conversations with the pharmaceutical industry and to negotiate co-development partnerships and licensing agreements.