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I need help! (Part #3 by Jimmy Jackson)

Jimmy Jackson

18 October 2023

It’s all just overwhelming. It’s all just overwhelming.

Dear readers,

So if you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know that I’ve decided the time has come to expand my company into Europe. But where?

It’s a big, complicated place, Europe – am I right that there are more than a dozen countries?  Wait a sec… I can look that up… OMG, it’s 45!!  (I hope I won’t be tested on this.)  As a sophisticated globetrotter, I’ve already visited some of these countries – England, Paris, Oktoberfest – but now I realize there are many, many more nations than I imagined.  This is going to make the choice even harder, I suppose, since all of them will no doubt be crying out for my profitable little business to choose it as its new European home.

Hmm, I can see this decision is going to be even tougher than I thought.

I’ve started doing a little homework.  Thank you, Bill Gates, for inventing the Internet!  On that big beautiful WWW, I’m finding some pretty impressive stuff.  Like this article about “Europe’s new tech start-up capital”, or especially this one about a cool new institute in State of Geneve. Really loving that “Quantum” connection, by the way – it’s my company’s middle name!  I’m sure we’ll just naturally gravitate towards each other.

Both of those articles happen to be about Switzerland.  Never been there, but it’s obvious I need to put it on my list.  (Good thing I like cheese.)

Speaking of Switzerland, how on earth did such a small country get to speak so many languages?  Interesting videoAbout Switzerland – thanks for sending it to me, Serge Ballestraz!

But coming back to the need to do some homework.  What a Godsend it is to have so much information at my fingertips, everything from GDP growth to yesterday’s price for a gallon of gas!  Which appears to be sold only in the metric system over there – I’m definitely not too happy about needing to learn all that liters and meters stuff.  (Idea: I’ll get Bob, my Operations guy, to figure it out.)

The United Nations looks like a pretty good source of info for comparing countries as potential sites for Jackson Quantum Ventures’ new European HQ.  But gosh, do they ever produce a lot of data, though!  Not sure how relevant it is to compare things like literacy rates or daily caloric intake, since my plan is to hire only well-fed people who already know how to read and write.  

Frankly, I’m getting bogged down in the sheer mass of details to sift through – all this reading, comparing and contrasting!  It’s just overwhelming. 

And it’s not just because there’s a lot of country data out there.  Of course there is, and I do need a lot of data.  But there are so many other factors to take into consideration, too.  Things that might also affect my business, like regulations and #taxation… and things that could affect my employees, like schools and #healthcare and other quality of life issues.  (Which reminds me: Beauregard, my CFO, asked if we could prioritize countries where the food isn’t too spicy.  Good gosh, Beauregard, grow up!  I’m never going to promise that!) 

Bottom line: I’m worried.  Even if I jotted down every indicator I can think of that I should be looking at, I’m sure I’ll still miss dozens more that are also important – but I just didn’t think of them.  And it’s scary to imagine that the ones I can’t think of might be the most important ones of all.

I need some help!