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Le Wagon expands its offering in Switzerland with data analytics bootcamp


23 May 2023

Le Wagon, a leading European coding bootcamp, is launching a new Data Analytics program in Switzerland to meet the increasing demand for data analysts.

According to the World Economic Forum, the demand for data analysts has seen the most significant increase in recent years. Over 7,500 data analyst positions are currently open in Switzerland, and the demand is expected to grow even more due to the vast amount of data generated on the web and the competitive advantage companies gain from data analysis. However, very few existing training programs can cater to the demand, making Le Wagon‘s new offering a timely solution.

Since its establishment in Lausanne in 2018, which was supported by GGBa, the French company has trained hundreds of students and gained recognition in the Swiss education landscape. Now, with the addition of the Data Analytics program, Le Wagon continues to address the growing need for tech and data skills in the job market.

The Data Analytics program, designed for beginners without advanced mathematical knowledge, aims to help professionals enhance their career prospects through data mastery. The program caters to individuals seeking a career change, recent graduates, and professionals from data-driven fields like marketing, product management, sales, human resources, and finance. Students will learn tools used by modern data analysts, such as PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Python, SQL, and Google Analytics. The curriculum, based on real-world data and use cases from partner companies, has been approved by “Head of Data” professionals at leading tech firms.

An innovative approach to tech education

In contrast to traditional university programs, the Data Analytics bootcamp offers a practical approach to learning. The OECD reports that the average lifespan of tech skills is only two years, making a nine-week intensive bootcamp an effective way for students to gain immediately applicable, up-to-date skills. Le Wagon’s Lausanne campus showcases a remarkable 83% employment rate within six months of graduation, demonstrating the success of this innovative approach to tech education.

Since its inception in Paris in 2013, Le Wagon has expanded to 45 cities and 25 countries, with over 20,000 alumni worldwide. Many of its graduates have gone on to launch successful tech start-ups, raise significant funds, or advance their careers in various tech positions.

Le Wagon’s new Data Analytics program is set to provide Swiss professionals and businesses with the skills they need to thrive in the data-driven economy. With a strong track record in tech education and a commitment to meeting market demands, Le Wagon is poised to continue shaping the future of tech education in Switzerland and beyond.