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MobyFly’s fast hydrofoil boat flew over Lake Geneva


16 January 2023

Valais start-up MobyFly has unveiled its fast and ecological prototype of a hydrofoil boat, which has successfully passed its first tests on Lake Geneva. By 2024, a dozen units will be delivered abroad.

MobyFly, a start-up based in Collonges (canton of Valais), has carried out the first sailing tests of its prototype zero-emission hydrofoil boat on Lake Geneva. This 10-meter prototype was equipped for the first time with the company’s patented retractable foil system. This was the first time that this system was used in real conditions. The results were very promising, with lower than expected energy consumption and increased autonomy.

MobyFly’s foils are streamlined rods that allow the boat to rise above the water’s surface. Thanks to this technology, the MBFY10 prototype can reach a speed of 74 km/h when the foils are lowered. When raised, it can navigate in shallow waters (from 42 centimeters) which facilitates docking and maneuvering, offering great flexibility and ease of maintenance for the operators.

20% less energy for a 140 km autonomy

The results of the tests conducted late last year showed that the hydrofoil’s design was more efficient than expected, consuming nearly 20% less energy than initially planned. This will allow the boat to have an increased autonomy of about 140 km. According to MobyFly, this efficiency demonstrates that the MBFY10 is the fastest and most energy-efficient 12-passenger hydrofoil boat in operation in the world today.

“After years of hard work and effort to build our first boat and perfect the revolutionary design of our fully retractable foil system, it was an absolute joy to not only see the MBFY10 “fly” above the surface of Lake Geneva, but to do so using far less energy than expected. Yet, even though this test was a huge success, the reality is that this is just the beginning. MobyFly will now firmly commit to making emission-free water transport part of everyone’s future,” explained Sue Putallaz, Director of MobyFly.