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Swiss Digital Center: the gateway to digitization in the canton of Valais


6 July 2022

The Swiss Digital Center embodies the canton’s strategy in relation to digitization. To make this a reality, the Center’s newly launched website now reflects the corporate identity of the Valais brand.

In February 2021, the State of Valais, the City of Sierre, the Ark Foundation, Techno-pôle Sierre SA and the HES-SO Valais-Wallis have joined forces to create the Swiss Digital Center by signing a partnership agreement.

The intention is to bring together the fields of education, research and the economy in order to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Today, the Swiss Digital Center’s newly designed website highlights this commitment.

The new corporate identity of the Swiss Digital Center’s website serves as a reminder that the center is based in Sierre, but above all that its services are rooted in and available to the entire canton of Valais. The new website is also available to relay news related to digitization. The new website is at the disposal of all companies, research institutes and schools that wish to promote their news related to digitization.

An ecosystem dedicated to supporting the economy in its digital transition

The creation of the Swiss Digital Center in 2021 is intended to support local businesses and create an environment conducive to the development of new technologies and continuing education to support the economy in its digital transition.

The objective of the Swiss Digital Center will be to make the most of the potential of digitization to retain the best talent through the quality and diversity of the jobs created, and to attract new talent and companies.

The canton of Valais will consequently position itself nationally and internationally as a recognized player in the field of digital training, development and digital services.