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SyNNergy : an initiative to boost the digital transition in the canton of Vaud


22 June 2022

With the SyNNergy program, the Service de la promotion de l’économie et de l’innovation (SPEI) and Innovaud have created a new way to support collaborative and innovative projects related to the digital transition.

Collaborative innovation as a driver for the digital transition of SMEs and the economic fabric: this is the challenge that the Service de la promotion de l’économie et de l’innovation (SPEI) and Innovaud have taken on by launching the SyNNergy program to support collaborative and innovative projects.

The objective of the initiative is threefold: to reinforce the image of the canton of Vaud as a center of digital innovation, to contribute to the creation of companies and jobs in the digital field, and to encourage the emergence of local solutions to reduce dependency on the dominant players in the digital economy.

“SyNNergy is aimed at all companies that innovate to meet the challenges of the digital transition, regardless of their industry. The program thus gives a boost to the entire economic fabric of the canton of Vaud,” explained Philippe Leuba, State Councillor in charge of the Department of the Economy, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), which oversees the Innovation Support Fund, of which the SyNNergy program is one of the cornerstones.

SyNNergy is aimed at consortiums of at least three companies, mostly from the canton of Vaud, seeking to pool their resources to develop a new digital-based solution (e.g. software, online platform, application) addressing a clear market need.

Shortlisted consortiums must demonstrate, before a selection committee, the collaborative dimension of the project, the relevance of the solution proposed, its replicability as well as its economic and societal impact.

An opportunity for digital start-ups

The SyNNergy program may be of interest to start-ups offering digital solutions in the fields of blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence/machine learning or virtual reality. Their solutions can serve companies or public authorities that need to develop a product, a service, a new business model, etc.

With a budget of CHF 8.5 million over five years, the financial resources allocated to the program are substantial. For each project supported, a maximum of CHF 100,000 per project can be allocated. Up to 15 projects can be supported each year.