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The canton of Valais welcomes one of SAP’s eleven centers in the world


8 November 2022

One of the eleven worldwide centers of the SAP university program is located in Sierre, in the canton of Valais.

Many companies use integrated management software to optimize their management, sales and service processes or simply to monitor the activity of the company and its employees and the life cycle of its products. SAP, one of the best-known management software packages in the world, makes it possible to manage a company’s data and to exchange information between the various departments of the same company in order to facilitate communication and management within the same entity and to have constant access to information in real time.

Everyone is now working with the same database, allowing data to be reused and information to be homogenized whether it comes from sales, production, accounting or the general administration of a company.

These management systems are becoming so important for the smooth running of companies that many jobs advertised in the IT field require SAP certification.

Today, the SAP Center in Sierre (canton of Valais) offers students of the School of Business Administration, and more specifically of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis management IT course, an SAP certification that is very useful when applying for jobs at the end of their studies.

A program to make the institutions from Sierre shine globally

Located the Computer Science Institute of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, in the Swiss Digital Center buildings, the regional competence center has been given the task of managing requests from French-speaking countries.

The Center provides software products, training for the University professors who will be teaching the courses, 7-day access to the system and course materials for a number of regions of the world. This recognition of the work accomplished over many years allows the Sierre center to shine throughout the world and to participate actively in the SAP program strategy.