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The Geneva University Hospitals launch the Center for Virtual Medicine

Life sciences

24 January 2023

The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have launched the Centre for Virtual Medicine (CMV), a pioneering center for the integration of new virtual reality technologies and the Internet of Things into clinical research and medical practice.

The CMV is the result of a collaboration between the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Medicine, and Diagnostics of the HUG, working closely with the EPFL. It focuses on using technological advancements for clinical research, both in hospitals and in patients’ homes, at the intersection of engineering, medicine, and human behavior research.

The CMV is a leader in utilizing cutting-edge virtual reality and IoT technologies for clinical research and innovative medical practices, including research, diagnostics, anesthesia, therapy, and patient well-being. The Center is open to developing applications in various medical fields such as surgery, internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry, intensive care, anesthesia, orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine, geriatrics, and palliative care.

The CMV plays a crucial role in connecting Campus Biotech to the HUG by bringing specialized skills and solutions to patient care. It promotes clinical research and the development of new technologies with and for HUG patients, focusing on research, diagnostics and new therapies. The Center aims to foster collaboration among engineers, virtual reality experts, neuroscientists, clinical researchers, and physicians in three main areas: clinical research, patient care, and medical training.

Improved patient care through multiple research and collaborative efforts

The CMV actively supports research and application projects. It is a center for fundamental and translational patient research, made up of engineers, clinical assistants, junior, and senior research assistants. The center is financed through research grants and collaborations between the HUG, Campus Biotech, the EPFL and HES schools.

Finally, the CMV also collaborates closely with academic partners like the EPFL and the University of Geneva, as well as with specialized companies from Western Switzerland like MindMaze and OramaVR.