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Transcriptomics solutions specialist Alithea Genomics raises CHF 150’000

Life sciences

5 May 2021

Lausanne-based Alithea Genomics has been awarded CHF 150’000 from Venture Kick for the development of its novel technology that enables a high throughput library preparation for RNA sequencing.

A fundamental challenge of biomedical research today is to understand the cellular function. Whereas the genes, the DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid), are well documented, and gene sequencing has become a commodity, the expression of genes, the RNA (RiboNucleic Acid), and their sequencing remains a major challenge.

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technologies allow unbiased, high-content analyses of thousands of genes at once to accelerate the discovery of new drugs and biomarkers. However, the high cost of standard sample preparation for RNA-seq experiments restricts and prevents the use of gene expression analysis in studies involving large sample sets, such as high-throughput drug screening.

To address this technological limitation, Alithea Genomics has developed a proprietary sample preparation solution called “BRB-seq”, which drastically decreases costs while increasing the throughput of RNA-seq.

Developed in Lausanne (canton of Vaud), in the heart of the Health Valley, the start-up’s technology enables projects that were previously unimaginable because they were too expensive and laborious.

Having been awarded a CHF 150,000 loan from Venture Kick, Alithea Genomics will be able to expand its BRB-seq kit offering further and boost the revenues and services through dedicated marketing and sales activities.

Moreover, part of the funds will be invested in the development of Alithea Genomics’ next-gen solution, which will bring throughput and cost-efficiency of RNA-seq to yet another new level.