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Urbio experiences growth with its AI-powered energy planning tool


11 July 2023

Urbio's cutting-edge tool, likened to a "Google Maps of Energy", has impressed OIKEN, a prominent energy distributor in the canton of Valais. Urbio’s cutting-edge tool, likened to a “Google Maps of Energy”, has impressed OIKEN, a prominent energy distributor in the canton of Valais. | © Urbio

Just a year after the commercial launch of its revolutionary energy planning software, cleantech start-up Urbio is drawing positive conclusions from its operations.

Founded at the Energypolis Campus and headquartered in Sion (canton of Valais), Urbio has been spearheading the technological front of energy transition. Its generative design software leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to plan and optimize energy-efficient infrastructures. Since its establishment, Urbio has achieved considerable milestones, including receiving a Tech Seed loan, securing its first venture capital investment, and raising USD 2 million in a pre-seed financing round.

The platform developed by Urbio centralizes and visualizes all energy data, thereby transforming the herculean task of manual data collection and clean-up. “Our tool centralizes and visualizes all energy data useful for diagnosing and analyzing municipalities. Access to data is thus facilitated, offering transparency and simplified analysis,” said Sébastien Cajot, Co-Founder of Urbio.

Rapid strategizing and visualizing for decarbonization

In a demonstration of the software’s potential, OIKEN has employed Urbio’s platform for nearly a year. Thierry Bernhard, head of the Energy Consulting Group at OIKEN, has lauded the software for enabling rapid strategizing and visualizing of different variants for decarbonization. The partnership between Urbio and OIKEN exemplifies the convergence of digitalization and energy transition, accelerating the decarbonization of Swiss real estate.

Urbio’s market reach is expanding, with roughly twenty active customers in Switzerland, and its first commercial customers in Germany and Belgium since this year. The clientele primarily includes energy companies and engineering consultancies.

As the company looks to the future, it aims to solidify its presence in its current markets while expanding further into Europe. To support this growth, Urbio plans a second round of financing to bolster the team, develop the product based on customer feedback, and expedite market roll-out. Today, 20 people actively work for the start-up.