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WattAnyWhere raises CHF 1.3 million to convert ethanol into clean electricity


9 August 2022

WattAnyWhere has raised CHF 1.3 million in a pre-seed round, enabling the cleantech start-up to develop a mobile generator that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity.

Founded in 2021 and based at the Energypolis campus in Sion, WattAnyWhere is developing a breakthrough solution for electric vehicle charging point operators (CPOs). To this day, CPOs need up to 3 years to source power from the grid, which is very costly. The deployment of fast charging points is too long and tedious, yet huge amounts of clean electricity are needed in Europe.

WattAnyWhere has engineered a fuel cell system that delivers bioenergy, electricity produced from biomass. Its generator is a clean electricity generator with a power of 300 kW intended to supply fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.

A group of global investors from Switzerland, France, Norway, the Netherlands and the United States have invested CHF 1.3 million in WattAnyWhere. The roundtable includes industrial partners, grants, loans and friends and family.

Converting renewable ethanol into electricity in an economical and safe manner

After receiving a CHF 100’000 loan from FIT in 2022, the new funds will be used to finalize the “Proof Of Concept”, accelerate the design of the fuel cell system, and expand marketing and initial business development activities. WattAnyWhere’s ultimate goal is to produce clean electricity from biomass using the most economical and safest hydrogen carrier: renewable ethanol.

A second round of funding is underway, with a major milestone completed when WattAnyWhere will showcase in September 2022 its Proof of Concept to partners, investors and customers at the EPFL lab in Sion.