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Why TNG Technology Consulting chose Western Switzerland


26 February 2024

Established at the unlimitrust campus in Prilly, TNG has created a haven for "nerds" - a term affectionately used by the company to describe its community of technology enthusiasts dedicated to pioneering the next generation of IT solutions. | © unlimitrust/SICPA Established at the unlimitrust campus in Prilly, TNG has created a haven for “nerds” – a term affectionately used by the company to describe its community of technology enthusiasts dedicated to pioneering the next generation of IT solutions. | © unlimitrust / SICPA

Recognized for its advanced contributions to software development and artificial intelligence, TNG Technology Consulting is bringing a new era of IT consulting to Western Switzerland. Founded on a passion for solving complex numerical and programming challenges, this German company is dedicated to creating a culture where pushing the boundaries of innovation is a fundamental expectation.

The choice of Western Switzerland for TNG Technology Consulting’s expansion, and in particular its establishment on the unlimitrust campus in Prilly, in the canton of Vaud, underlines the company’s strategic intention to integrate and contribute to one of the most dynamic technological landscapes in Europe. This decision reflects a strong affinity with the region’s innovative spirit and its central European location, which offers unparalleled connectivity and access to a rich talent pool, in particular from the EPFL.

The insights and perspectives shared in the following interview are based on an in-depth discussion with TNG’s Henrik Klagges (Co-Founder and Managing Partner), Florian Gather (Associate Partner) and Christian Weymann (Senior Consultant).

Can you present TNG Technology Consulting and its mission?

TNG Technology Consulting strives to be at the forefront of the IT consulting industry. Rooted in the duties to innovate and collaborate, we provide an attractive environment for people who are very passionate about technology. 99.9% of our currently 826 employees have academic degrees, over 55% have PhDs in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Together we form this special company animal affectionately dubbed “The Nerd Group”. And then we apply this concentrated brain power to solve the hard IT problems of our clients with interesting and innovative methods.

For this, we are building completely new software systems and products, but also enhance the functionality, efficiency and security of existing ones, and incorporate AI to make them smarter and more capable. We balance the frontier of information technology with real-world pragmatism in terms of cost and simplification to efficiently address the complex requirements our clients face across many industries such as automotive, fintech and telcos.

What motivated your choice of Western Switzerland, specifically the canton of Vaud, and the unlimitrust campus in Prilly?

Our decision for the canton of Vaud and the unlimitrust campus in Prilly was influenced by several smaller, but quite meaningful factors, combined with a number of strategic advantages. Our over three hundred physicists love CERN, of course, and the EPFL was on our map due to the Scala programming language. The region’s central location in Europe and excellent connectivity counted, but even more the supportive local government in the canton of Vaud which has built a rather impressive ecosystem. Your institutions and its people communicate that they like companies like us who create things. Emphasizing these emotions may seem a bit far-fetched, but it sets the positive tone. In addition, the unlimitrust campus in Prilly was a natural habitat for our activities in IT security and Blockchains. Last not least, we respect your country for its immense beauty, order and governmental form – and we are sailors tinkering with hydrofoils ;-).

How has GGBa supported you in establishing your company in the region?

GGBa played a key role in the successful establishment of TNG Technology Consulting in Western Switzerland. I had long yearned for Switzerland, as two of my grandparents were Swiss, but GGBa was the catalyst. Their support was wide-ranging and included initial outreach and ongoing engagement. Through their representative in Germany, Sara Schneider-Hamaï, and her colleagues, they visited our Munich headquarters and our “Big Techday” technology conference. They advised us on non-easy aspects such as legal structure, banking, site selection and understanding of the local business culture and communities. Without GGBa, we would have made the jump to Switzerland only years later for sure.

How do you foresee the development of your activities in Switzerland?

Looking ahead, TNG envisions its Swiss operation as one of several critical nodes in our global delivery network. It will serve as a strategic hub for hiring scientific-technological talent, for nurturing existing and finding new client relationships and for exploring new services, such as AI, delivered to and out of Switzerland. We want to work hard to earn the trust of the Swiss companies, as we like their ambition and the way they think and build for the long term. This strategic presence in Switzerland represents not only an expansion, but also the determination to contribute to – and hopefully also benefit from – the technology ecosystem of the region and the Confoederatio Helvetica as a whole.