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World’s first hybrid robotic surgery took place at the Inselspital in Bern

Life sciences

19 July 2021

The Inselspital in Bern made history with the first clinical use of Distalmotion’s Dexter surgical robot in gynecology.

Together with Distalmotion, surgeons at the Inselspital and Lindenhofspital in Bern, as well as the CHUV in Lausanne, have pioneered innovation in minimally invasive care with their input in the development the Dexter surgical robot.

Distalmotion, manufacturer of the Dexter robot, has announced the successful completion of a series of hysterectomy cases (removal of the uterus). This marks Dexter’s first clinical use and the culmination of a multi-year journey in the development of the surgical robot.

The world’s first Dexter surgeries in gynecology were successfully completed without complications by the gynecologic oncology department of the Inselspital.

This first series of Dexter surgeries is part of a pan-European Early Adopter Program that aims to lead the way in making best-in-class minimally invasive care more accessible to a wider array of hospitals and patients by leveraging Dexter’s novel, hybrid approach to robotic surgery.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Dexter is the result of several years of iterative design and development work conducted in close collaboration with world-leading surgeons.

Robotic surgery, a new standard of care

Dexter is out to establish a new standard of care, where a broader range of institutions, indications and ultimately patients can benefit from robotic aid for minimally invasive surgery.

Dexter’s versatility makes having more than one robot per hospital clinically and economically viable, potentially even having more than one Dexter per department. For some hospitals this would represent a giant leap forward in terms of breadth and quality of care provided.