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10 up-and-coming cybersecurity start-ups from Western Switzerland supported by Tech4Trust


17 October 2022

On the occasion of the Trust Valley Day 2022, the start-ups selected for the 4th season of the Tech4Trust acceleration program were announced.

An initiative of the Trust Valley, the Lemanic arc’ center of expertise on digital trust and cybersecurity, Tech4Trust is an intense 6-month support program designed to accelerate the activities of cybersecurity start-ups and to promote sustainable growth.

Tech4Trust helps the world’s most promising companies in the fields of cybersecurity and digital trust to get their business ready for market through top-notch mentoring, strategic support and training from leading industry partners. The 70 start-ups already boosted by the program have raised CHF 150 million to date, solidifying Tech4Trust’s position on the international stage.

“Six months ago, we had one idea and no fundraising, and almost no network. Six months later, we have raised 2.5 million, we have 7 clients in Switzerland and France, and 12 employees. Tech4Trust acts as a seal of confidence that propels us and encourages investors to talk to us. We remain humbled and delighted by this result and will get back to work,” said Olivier Eyries, one of the three co-founders of Saporo, the winning start-up of Tech4Trust in 2022.

Tech4Trust Season 4 | 2022 – 2023

Out of the 26 companies that have pitched their solutions and technologies, 10 start-ups from Western Switzerland were selected to benefit from the Tech4Trust Season 4 program.

Agora Care (GE) is the first digital health company to develop a patient-centered platform for storage and communication of medical images allowing to share the results of imaging data with medical practitioners and healthcare providers anywhere anytime.

Altkimya (VD) is a data science start-up that transforms IT and Telecom SMEs into smart data driven Managed Services Providers.

ClearSky (VD) designs Private Personalized & Proactive apps based on Edge AI technology. The goal is to transform the way personal data are processed on mobile devices and to give the data ownership back to the user by reducing interaction with cloud services.

Cognitechs’ (GE) agile real time risk management platform helps companies keep their risks under control in complex conditions and changing environments.

DemoSquare‘s (VD) machine-learning algorithms help legal and political experts save time and money by providing an automated, comprehensive, and efficient way to access, analyze, and monitor legal and political data.

fidentity (BE) is an AI-tech start-up is active in the digital trust market, that is, identity verification and digital signatures.

Lynx Technologies’ (VD) platform connects brand owners to contract manufacturing suppliers, simplifying reception of supply chain data and ensuring its consistency.

Resilio (VD) allows organizations to securely achieve a sustainability IT transition by guiding them with strategies to reduce their impact and their costs.

sequal (VD) provides end-to-end information security management to SMEs, according to the ISO 27001 standard by providing ISO 27001 auditors, consultants and tools.

Synergy Quantum (GE) provides quantum communication technology that has been developed with CERN scientists, through investments in Quantum companies and collaboration with National Science and Defense Ministries.

Western Switzerland, your cybersecurity hub

With its long tradition of neutrality, legal certainty and political stability, Western Switzerland is a privileged location for cybersecurity companies. In its humanitarian tradition, the region is making an important contribution to improving cybersecurity across the world. In 2020, the cantons of Vaud and Geneva created the “Trust Valley” initiative to create a unique ecosystem and encourage the development of innovative projects in the region.

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