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A new kind of dating app was developed in the canton of Vaud


15 August 2023

On August 11, 2023, the digital dating landscape welcomed Gofriends, a fresh face offering a novel approach to online connections. | © Gofriends On August 11, 2023, the digital dating landscape welcomed Gofriends, a fresh face offering a novel approach to online connections. | © Gofriends

The Lausanne-developed Gofriend app strives to bridge daily encounters with the digital realm. Amidst a sea of dating apps, this newcomer aims to redefine our approach to online relationships

Modern life, with its myriad distractions and fast-paced nature, has ironically made genuine human connections more elusive. It’s against this backdrop that Gofriends emerges, with the laudable goal of infusing the charm of organic, daily encounters into the digital sphere. Born from the creative hubs of Lausanne, Gofriends dreams big amid an already bustling online dating market.

What makes Gofriends resonate with potential users? Well, it’s the platform’s unwavering commitment to fostering both virtual and tangible connections. Gofriends offers a user-driven experience, granting individuals the agency to use the platform as they see fit. Whether it’s light-hearted leisure, the search for kindred spirits in friendship, or the pursuit of deeper romantic bonds, Gofriends seeks to be the answer.

A standout feature of Gofriends is its sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm is meticulously crafted, drawing from personality and compatibility assessments. This means that users aren’t merely thrown into a sea of random profiles. Instead, they’re introduced to potential matches that resonate with their personalities and expectations. The underlying idea is that meaningful connections should stem from shared values and outlooks.

Big data, unparalleled speed and streamlined performance

Additionally, in the technical realm, Gofriends doesn’t skimp on innovation. The app is powered by a scalable Big Data architecture, a promise of unparalleled speed, and streamlined performance. Beyond efficiency, this architecture is designed with the user in mind, ensuring local content is spotlighted, making for a truly immersive experience.

The app seems to already be garnering positive attention. During its initial beta testing phase, nearly 1,300 individuals embarked on the Gofriends journey, providing invaluable feedback that will no doubt shape the platform’s evolution. Furthermore, strategic alliances with local groups like Célibataires Vaud and Lausanne hint at a community-driven approach, laying a solid foundation for an engaged user base.

On the commercial front, Gofriends adopts a “freemium” model. While everyone can access the basic offerings, an investment of CHF 48 per year unveils a trove of advanced features, from compatibility tests to exclusive event participation opportunities and even special discounts with partner entities.

Gofriends aims to be more than just another dating app: it’s a heartfelt response to the modern world’s often detached nature. Its roots may be in the canton of Vaud, but its vision spans across horizons. Only time will tell if Gofriends becomes the new byword for genuine digital connections worldwide.