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Aleph Insight takes up residence at the Innovation Park of the Energypolis campus


19 May 2021

The Innovation Park on the Energypolis Campus is now home to Aleph Insight. Aleph’s light technology destroys germs, viruses and polluting gases and could be used in wastewater treatment plants, for example.

Particle acceleration, braking by acoustic waves and so on, these are the mechanisms that can be reproduced by the Aleph technology (Amplification of Light Energy by Pulses with Harmonics). Like LEDs, Aleph is a patented process capable of producing light without a lamp and with reduced power consumption.

Similar to the most powerful lasers, Aleph produces light in the form of very high energy electromagnetic pulses, capable of atomizing inert or biological particles and breaking down any molecular structure, and even reforming others.

Aleph Insight, a spin-off of the Swiss company B612, offers a photochemical reactor with as many possible uses as there are combinations of gas or liquid flows to be treated. It represents an innovative solution, whether it be to ensure the safety of the air against bacteria and viruses in public places, livestock farms, transportation, or to destroy undesirable odors from industrial sites, waste treatment plants or wastewater.

Practically speaking, these devices have no moving parts, no consumables, can be adjusted in size and power, can be integrated anywhere and are capable of reproducing reactions on demand in any gas or liquid flow passing through them. The Aleph amplification device is produced by Steiger and Soprod, two companies from the canton of Valais.

Multiple applications and a pilot plant in Sion

The technology having proved in a laboratory setting its capacity to convert biogas into hydrogen by photolysis, the various field applications will be monitored and validated by Aleph insight.

An Aleph pilot plant is currently being deployed in the wastewater treatment plant in Sion, a world first that will be carried out thanks to the Energypolis Campus.