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Austria Press Agency establishes two new subsidiaries in Bern


18 May 2022

The Austria Press Agency (APA) has established two new technology subsidiaries in Bern to provide digital media solutions and CMS systems for the Swiss market.

As part of its digital strategy 2021-2023, the Austria Press Agency (APA) has created two new entities based in Bern: Swiss Digital Media Services AG will focus on APA-IT’s digital portfolio in the field of media and media-related services in the country, and Gentics Software AG is a company specializing in e-government and CMS solutions. After being founded in January as companies under Swiss law, both companies successfully started their operational activities in May.

With these two new companies, the APA Group is continuing its internationalization strategy in the technology sector. The objectives are to optimally support existing local IT customers and to acquire new partners and customers in the Swiss media and communication markets.

A stronger commitment to the Swiss market

APA already holds a 30% stake in the Swiss national information and photography agency Keystone-SDA since 2018. This involvement is accompanied by important IT cooperations and the operation of a data center in Zurich.

As a subsidiary of APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH, Swiss Digital Media Services AG will offer all of APA-IT’s consulting and IT services, including digital publishing, software development, analytics and cloud solutions.

As for Gentics Software, it will focus on the development and production of high quality content management and portal solutions, editorial systems and e-government, as well as the associated project management tools.