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Austrian CMS vendor Gentics Software settles in Switzerland


2 February 2022

Vienna-based software house Gentics, specialized in e-government solutions, has established a subsidiary in Bern. With this move, the company aims to drive its internationalization and meet customer demand for increased proximity.

A spin-off from Austrian news agency group APA, Gentics Software develops content management system (CMS) and e-portal solutions for public authorities, businesses, insurance companies and banks in the DACH region. In Switzerland, its clients are mainly public administration institutions, such as the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

Switzerland as an internationalization hub

The new subsidiary, based in Bern, is Gentics’ first office abroad. It will act as a sales, consulting and project management company, thereby supporting the internationalization efforts of APA. “Together with our partners, our goal as Gentics Switzerland is to offer efficient software solutions for digital administration and e-government, as well as to deploy our CMS and portal solutions in the Swiss market,” explains Philipp Dörre, Managing Director of Gentics and Head of the Swiss office. Gentics was supported by GGBa and the Bern Economic Development Agency throughout its investment journey.

A successful partnership

Gentics teamed up with Austrian software company Rubicon, which also has a branch office in Bern, to develop the Acta Nova Dialog Portal. This online portal enables citizens to run a number of administrative errands conveniently online, facilitating more efficient, transparent and cost-effective interactions between the general population and the authorities. The solution has so far achieved considerable success in the Swiss market, which Gentics plans to build on thanks to the new subsidiary: “Our local presence is driven by the need to reinforce proximity with customers and partners. We are also excited to onboard new potential clients, such as cantons and municipalities, who could also benefit from our solution,” emphasizes Dörre. The company is currently looking to hire a site manager as well as software savvy consultants and sales staff at its Bern location. In Austria, Gentics employs about 40 people.