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BFH Entrepreneurship Office: a catalyst for innovation and company development

Why Switzerland

At the heart of Bern’s dynamic ecosystem, the Entrepreneurship Office of the BFH fuels start-ups from inception to launch and beyond. © BFH

At the heart of Bern’s dynamic ecosystem, the Entrepreneurship Office of the BFH fuels start-ups from inception to launch and beyond.

The Entrepreneurship Office of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) stands as a cornerstone in Bern’s thriving innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, offering comprehensive support to founders, start-ups, and companies throughout their entrepreneurial journey. From the spark of an idea to the foundational stages and further into growth, the Entrepreneurship Office is committed to driving innovation that yields societal benefits while fostering a sustainable, socially responsible, and diverse entrepreneurial culture.

The office’s mission is to bridge BFH’s pioneering research and innovation strengths with the entrepreneurial spirit, creating a fertile ground for the development of start-ups and spin-offs. It aims to support BFH researchers in creating their own ventures, while also welcoming external start-ups to leverage the university’s extensive resources, including more than 30 specialized labs and institutes.

BFH’s offerings extend beyond just access to facilities, as it also encompasses contacts with practice-oriented researchers, laboratories, test facilities, and workstations. The office facilitates clarifications of specific questions through research projects and offers guidance on accessing research results and financing. For researchers and staff looking to launch spin-offs, BFH provides crucial infrastructure, funding options, and advice on intellectual property rights, ensuring the commercial viability of research outputs.

Making entrepreneurship more accessible and impactful

Students with innovative ideas or ambitions to start their own business find a nurturing environment at BFH. Through business coaching, modules on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, along with funding guidance and a vibrant network, students are empowered to transform ideas into action. The students’ Entrepreneurship Club and the cross-university hub “Students4Sustainability” are exemplary initiatives that connect students with like-minded peers and provide financial support for sustainable projects.

With a clear, company-friendly business policy and a comprehensive support system, the BFH Entrepreneurship Office is not just facilitating the transition of ideas into market-ready solutions but is actively contributing to making entrepreneurship more accessible and impactful. Whether it’s supporting start-ups to scale up, helping researchers commercialize their findings, or enabling students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, BFH is a pivotal player in enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape in Bern and beyond.

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