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CSEM leads the industrialization of HiFiBiO’s complex microfluidic chips


8 March 2023

HiFiBiO Therapeutics and CSEM are collaborating to create and produce single-cell microfluidics, which have the potential to revolutionize immunotherapy treatments for cancer and autoimmune disorders.

It’s commonly known that drug discovery is a time-consuming process, with most potential drugs failing to progress beyond human trials. The conventional pharmaceutical pipeline involves subjecting thousands of compounds to several stages of testing. On average, it takes around 5,000 pre-screened compounds and six to twelve years to obtain approval for a single drug. Additionally, these methods don’t account for our diverse nature, which results in varying levels of effectiveness across different patients. HiFiBiO Therapeutics aims to change this costly paradigm.

HiFiBiO is a US-based growing multinational biotherapeutics company that harnesses the power of the human immune system to fight diseases. By leveraging extensive single-cell profiling technologies and profound biological knowledge, the company rapidly develops a range of antibody drugs to tackle cancer and autoimmune disorders. Moreover, HiFiBiO Therapeutics seeks to enhance patient outcomes through collaborative open-innovation initiatives with academia and industry.

With its proprietary and versatile single-cell platform called “Drug Intelligence Science (DIS™),” which combines microfluidics, single-cell analysis, and data science, HiFiBiO aims to accelerate drug discovery processes. The company’s unique approach combines a cutting-edge single-cell platform with AI-based data analytics to maximize the probability of success throughout the drug discovery and development process.

The DIS™ platform requires cutting-edge microfluidic technologies made of lithium niobate, a delicate substrate with piezoelectric properties. HiFiBiO has adapted this material, typically used to make active filters in smartphones, to develop an ultrafast sorting microsystem for screening immune cells. HiFiBiO Therapeutics turned to CSEM to lead the industrialization and production of these complex microfluidic chips.

World-class prototypes and built a robust supply chain

At CSEM, HiFiBiO met inquisitive and talented experts who delivered world-class prototypes and built a robust supply chain. “All of our interactions with CSEM are based on trust, and HiFiBiO Therapeutics knows that the best solutions for our technologies are being proposed,” said Benjamin Lassus, Senior Scientist at HiFiBiO.

CSEM has successfully industrialized and manufactured lithium niobate microfluidic chips in their MEMS cleanroom. The use of CSEM’s ISO-9001 quality system ensures that all procedures and modifications are thoroughly documented, providing HiFiBiO Therapeutics with complete transparency regarding their delivery.