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CSEM to establish a digital health research department in Bern

Life sciences

19 June 2023

CSEM’s digital health research department will be relocated to Bern, marking an important milestone in the expansion of digital health research in Western Switzerland.

The Bern Grand Council has approved a credit for the implementation of a digital health research pole of the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in Bern. The decision will see the allocation of a credit amount of CHF 11.5 million for the establishment of this research hub. This relocation is expected to further position Bern as an attractive hub for innovative companies, leading to the creation of high-qualified job opportunities.

Building on CSEM’s previous successful initiatives such as the establishment of the Digital Health Center on the Inselspital campus and their recent collaboration with the Women’s Clinic of the University Hospital of Bern on AI-based pregnancy monitoring, this move further consolidates CSEM’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital health.

The new CSEM digital health research department will be strategically located on the campus of the Inselspital. This location will enable the department to collaborate seamlessly with its existing partners.

Pioneering digital health and advancing multidisciplinary collaborations

This move marks another step in Western Switzerland’s effort to innovate and lead in the domain of digital health. As the world moves towards a more digitized and AI-driven healthcare system, the new department will undoubtedly contribute to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field. It will not only stimulate job growth but also have the potential to improve patient care and outcomes, leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and research capabilities that CSEM has become renowned for.

In the bigger picture, this move emphasizes the synergies created when multidisciplinary teams from different institutions, like CSEM and the University Hospital of Bern, come together. The future of digital health looks bright, and Western Switzerland is proving that it will be a crucial player in this evolving landscape.