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DAAV secures CHF 1 million to revolutionize mobility services


27 May 2024

DAAV, a pioneering start-up enhancing mobility for people with reduced mobility, has raised CHF 1 million. By enabling airports to offer additional mobility services without increasing staff, DAAV presents a cost-effective and efficient solution. | © DAAV

DAAV, a pioneering start-up enhancing mobility for people with reduced mobility, has raised CHF 1 million.

DAAV, an innovative start-up dedicated to enhancing mobility for individuals with reduced mobility, particularly in airport settings, has successfully closed its first funding round. The company raised approximately CHF 1 million, with Spicehaus Partners leading the investment. Additional participation came from Kickfund, TR-Invest, and Dieter Streuli, CEO of Airline Assistance Switzerland.

Founded as an EPFL spin-off and now located in Biel (canton of Bern), DAAV is on a mission to improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility by providing autonomous mobility solutions. The company’s flagship product, DAAV-air, is designed specifically for airport environments, offering a groundbreaking approach to PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) services.

DAAV-air features a novel omni-directional motion mechanism, allowing users to move seamlessly in any direction, including forward, backward, sideways, and turning on the spot. This technology significantly enhances airport accessibility by enabling effortless navigation through complex layouts. Additionally, DAAV-air operates in various smart modes, ranging from tele-operation to follow-me and fully autonomous, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience for users.

“This investment marks a significant milestone for DAAV,” said Mohsen Falahi, CEO of DAAV. “Grateful for the backing of Spicehaus Partners, Kickfund, and esteemed angels, we’re fueled by their belief in our team and vision. This milestone propels us to new heights on our mission to elevate the travel experience for PRM travelers, enriching lives one journey at a time.”

Product development and global expansion

The funds raised will be primarily allocated towards product development, further pilot implementations globally, and market entry initiatives. DAAV is set to scale its operations in response to the growing demand for innovative mobility solutions within the aviation industry.

“The market opportunity for DAAV is substantial,” added Falahi. “Offering mobility services for PRM in airports is labor-intensive, expensive, and error-prone. The rising demand for such services stresses the critical need for integrating DAAV-air. It’s not a luxury but an essential solution to guarantee dependable and efficient assistance for PRM travelers.”

DAAV’s innovative technology not only aims to enhance the travel experience for PRM travelers but also addresses operational challenges faced by service providers, including labor shortages during weekends and nights. Looking ahead, DAAV plans to conduct further pilot programs to incorporate customer feedback into its products and prepare for the commercialization of its solutions.