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Dandelion Science partners with Wyss Center to pioneer AI-based brain therapies

Life sciences

12 June 2024

Dandelion Science and the Wyss Center Geneva have announced a partnership to develop a generative AI platform for non-invasive brain therapies. This collaboration between Dandelion Science and the Wyss Center Geneva aims to create precision sensory stimulation treatments for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders using AI. | © Wyss Center

Dandelion Science and the Wyss Center Geneva have announced a partnership to develop a generative AI platform for non-invasive brain therapies.

Dandelion Science, a US-Swiss neurotechnology company, has recently made headlines for its innovative work in neurotherapeutics. In a notable move, the company was awarded an USD 800,000 grant from Innosuisse to advance its existing collaboration with the EPFL. This funding supports Dandelion’s groundbreaking research in developing a programming language for the brain, a project with significant implications for neurology and psychiatry.

The new partnership with the Wyss Center leverages extensive resources and expertise over four years, enabling Dandelion Science to rapidly access diverse clinical partners and integrate into a broader AI and neurotechnology ecosystem. In the Wyss Center’s press release, Dr. Erwin Böttinger, Director of the Wyss Center, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the potential of generative AI as a new therapeutic paradigm for brain disorders: “AI guided neuromodulation is a key focus area for the Wyss Center, to develop smarter therapies for neurologic and mental health disorders by combining artificial intelligence and novel non-invasive neuromodulation techniques targeting deep brain structures.”

Dandelion Science’s CEO, Adam Hanina, noted the significant market potential for generative neuromodulation, stating: “Generative neuromodulation is poised to become a multi-billion-dollar market in the coming years. Dandelion’s novel computational approach, which emulates the way in which the brain itself processes information, holds promise for developing therapies that precisely match the complex dysfunctions they are intended to treat.”

This partnership not only validates Dandelion Science’s efforts but also significantly enhances its capability to innovate and deliver value. The company, known for its Programmable Neurotherapeutics™ platform, harnesses precise brain network dynamics to revolutionize care for patients with brain disorders. Headquartered in New Jersey, Dandelion Science has expanded its operations to Western Switzerland, establishing a subsidiary office at the Biopôle life sciences campus in Lausanne.

The Wyss Center, based at Campus Biotech in Geneva, is an independent R&D organization focused on advancing disruptive neurotechnologies to transform the lives of people with neurological and mental health disorders. Established by a donation from Swiss entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss, the center collaborates with faculty, clinicians, and industry partners to drive innovation and maximize clinical impact.

The collaboration between Dandelion Science and the Wyss Center marks a significant step forward in the development of non-invasive brain therapies that promise to provide targeted and effective treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. This partnership exemplifies the convergence of academia and industry to advance neurotechnology for a safer and more reliable digital future.