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DemoSquare launches its AI-based platform to anticipate regulatory futures


17 October 2023

Beyond merely consolidating data, DemoSquare’s platform aims to aid companies and organizations in forecasting regulatory changes. Beyond merely consolidating data, DemoSquare’s platform aims to aid companies and organizations in forecasting regulatory changes.

EPFL spin-off DemoSquare has unveiled its innovative AI-powered platform designed to offer in-depth insights into Switzerland’s parliamentary record.

Understanding political dynamics is paramount for a thriving democracy, yet the intricate workings within the political sphere can be daunting to grasp. Birthed from the Information and Network Dynamics Lab (INDY) at EPFL’s School of Computer and Communication Sciences, DemoSquare’s platform seeks to demystify these complex processes. Users can access half a century’s worth of Swiss legislative records, details of current parliamentarians, their voting history, parliamentary submissions, and affiliations with interest groups. Notably, the platform facilitates topic-specific searches, such as significant votes like the CO2 law.

Victor Kristof, CEO and Co-Founder of DemoSquare, emphasized the project’s role in promoting transparency: “From our previous research at EPFL, we realized the challenges in understanding the nuances of discussions at the Federal Palace in Bern. Our aim is to unravel this intricate web of influences and discourse. Journalists and NGOs have shown considerable interest in accessing this data in a simplified format.”

Regulatory tools and expansion ambitions

Another core feature of DemoSquare is its focus on helping businesses navigate and anticipate regulatory landscapes. Given the profound influence of regulations across various sectors, this tool is poised to be invaluable for public and regulatory affairs teams. Jérémie Rappaz, CTO and co-founder of DemoSquare, elucidated the multifaceted functions, explaining, “Our briefing tool collates topic-specific data, while our monitoring service updates clients on imminent votes and regulatory shifts. A highlight is our strategy service, which employs our ‘Predikon’ algorithm to predict the outcomes of parliamentary votes.”

DemoSquare is prepping several new tools for platform integration and is also considering a broader European footprint by 2024. On expansion plans, Kristof remarked: “Our goal is to incorporate EU institutions into our platform since global players closely monitor regulations emanating from Brussels. Many of our Swiss corporate clientele are equally affected by happenings in Brussels and Bern.” Originating with the support of an EPFL Innogrant, DemoSquare transitioned from the INDY lab in July and is now situated at the EPFL Innovation Park. In a strategic collaboration with Swiss media houses, Le Temps and NZZ, the team will offer real-time monitoring and predictions for the upcoming Swiss federal elections on 22 October 2023.