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Digital trust campus Square One will be called unlimitrust


27 April 2022

SICPA’s upcoming campus, previously known as Square One, is now called unlimitrust. The campus aims to become the global center for the trust economy.

Previously known as Square One, the new unlimitrust campus embodies SICPA’s purpose of enabling digital trust for governments and citizens.

With this campus dedicated to the trust economy, SICPA aims to attain a global economy in which transactions, interactions and products in the physical and digital worlds are based on protected, unforgeable and verifiable data.

Strategically located in the heart of the Trust Valley, unlimitrust will provide a safe environment to develop the systems and technologies that will be the foundation of tomorrow’s companies. The project has three objectives: to become a trust economy leading hub, through on-site tenants and the organization of events; to provide physical and digital meeting spaces for network members and external partners to collaborate and develop ideas that will shape the trust economy; and to foster the future of the trust economy by becoming the first professional network focused on disruptive, ethical and sustainable technologies.

The world’s first campus dedicated to the trust economy

The unlimitrust campus will promote trust in the broadest sense, encouraging new ideas, new collaborations and the development of new trust technologies. It is the world’s first campus entirely dedicated to the trust economy.

With its 828,800 square feet of flexible space, this center of excellence will bring together SICPA employees, start-ups, companies, investors, academics and other stakeholders in the field of trust technologies.

The campus is expected to open its doors to the first tenants in the second half of 2022.