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Eversys’ AI use for enhanced innovation in coffee machine production


16 January 2024

Eversys uses AI for predictive maintenance in coffee machines. Eversys uses AI for predictive maintenance in coffee machines. | © Eversys

Eversys SA, a leader in super-automatic coffee machines, is revolutionizing the coffee industry with its pioneering research in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the field of predictive maintenance.

This research is conducted by Calixte Mayoraz, a machine-learning engineer within the research and development team at Eversys. His unique journey began with computer studies at HES-SO Valais/Wallis, followed by an internship at the Swiss Digital Center in Sierre and a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from UniDistance, in collaboration with Idiap.

This AI integration into Eversys’ machines, currently in the experimental research phase, aims to anticipate potential malfunctions. Mayoraz’s role involves analyzing data collected from each interaction with Eversys machines worldwide, such as water temperature, boiler pressure, and grinder operations. This data helps in understanding and preventing breakdowns, crucial for machines that produce up to 3,000 coffees per day. Eversys, which secured a significant contract with Starbucks for cold brew coffee machines last year, employs Mayoraz as their sole AI specialist, responsible for both technical solutions and innovative ideas.

Mayoraz’s expertise in AI was nurtured from an early age, influenced by his father, a senior manager at Google. After completing high school in California, Mayoraz returned to his roots in Valais at 18. His passion for machine learning and data analytics was further developed during his tenure at the institute of computer science and his subsequent research assistant role.

The growing intersection between AI and traditional industries

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Mayoraz also engages in artistic endeavors, experimenting with collaborative drawing with AI. He intentionally uses an untrained neural network to see how much training is needed for the AI to recognize and coherently continue his sketches. This exploration into AI’s artistic capabilities is shared with his artist friends, demonstrating a unique intersection of technology and art.

Mayoraz, however, remains cautious about the capabilities of AI. He acknowledges its incredible potential but emphasizes the need for human oversight. His nuanced view reflects a broader understanding that while AI can replicate many human tasks, it cannot always match the quality of human work without careful supervision.

This innovation at Eversys, combined with Mayoraz’s unique skill set and collaboration with the Swiss Digital Center, highlights the growing intersection of AI and traditional industries like coffee production. It demonstrates how AI can be leveraged not just for efficiency but also for creative exploration and problem-solving.

Source article of the Swiss Digital Center