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Finding talent in Switzerland: 6 essential resources

Why Switzerland

With its internationally renowned research centers and world-renowned universities, Switzerland attracts a highly qualified workforce. Here are 6 essential resources to help you find the right person.

1. Advertisements in newspapers or specialized magazines

Advertising in specialized newspapers or magazines can be a very effective way to search for talent depending on the target audience. The price of these ads varies from one newspaper to another. Some charge by the line, others by the word or by the format of the ad. It is therefore difficult to establish a clear comparison between the different options that exist. However, you can find indicative prices on the website of the Swiss Confederation.

2. Posting a job offer on the Internet

In Switzerland, there are many websites dedicated to job offers. Here are some examples:

  • this site is one of the most popular in Switzerland for job offers. It covers all fields and all skill levels;
  • this site is a global job search platform that aggregates job offers from several sites in Switzerland;
  • LinkedIn: the professional social network allows employers to post jobs and job seekers to apply for jobs;
  • Jobscout24: this site is also popular for job offers in Switzerland. It covers all fields and all skill levels.

There are also specialized sites for talent searches in certain industries or regions of Switzerland. It is therefore important to find out which sites are the most relevant for the job you are looking for.

3. Contacts with universities

Contacting Swiss universities allows you to find talents. There are several ways to collaborate with them. Here are some ideas:

  • Partnerships with schools: Companies can partner with universities to offer internships, research projects or jobs to qualified students. This allows companies to find qualified talent and develop a long-term relationship with the schools;
  • On-campus recruiting: Companies may also participate in on-campus recruiting events, such as job fairs or open houses. This allows students to meet employers and apply for jobs or internships;
  • Jobteaser: thanks to the above-mentioned online platforms, it is possible to publish job and internship offers targeting students and young graduates of universities.

4. Use of external experts

If you are looking for a highly qualified expert or a senior executive, the use of human resources consultants can be very useful. They take care of the main part of the recruitment process: the preparation of the advertisement, the media planning and the selection of the candidates. It is also advisable to work with HR consultants when, for reasons specific to the sector or internal to the company, the company’s name must be concealed. However, this is an expensive method of sourcing and can cost one or more months’ salary for the position to be filled.

5. Headhunting from competitors

Headhunters or “executive search consultants” bridge the gap between a company’s need for qualified specialists or executives and the desire of these executives or specialists to find an attractive and challenging job. They specialize in direct recruitment and work on a mandate basis. In addition to sector-specific agencies, there are large, well-known companies with international operations as well as companies that are particularly suitable for general assignments, complex tasks and unconventional solutions. Headhunter’s use is particularly useful when traditional methods, such as internal recruitment or job advertisements on Internet portals and in newspapers, have not yielded any results.

6. Collaboration with regional employment centers (ORP)

Regional employment centers (ORP) are public centers specializing in the counseling and placement of job seekers. The 130 or so regional employment centers offer employers personalized advice on recruiting personnel. They have a long list of qualified job seekers who are immediately available for permanent or temporary positions. On request, the Regional Job Placement Offices can carry out a targeted pre-selection of candidates according to the employer’s criteria, which facilitates the recruitment process. Depending on the employer’s needs, the ORP publishes vacancies on the internal job market on its website. The advantage of working with ORPs is that all services are free of charge.

With its internationally renowned research centers and world-renowned universities, Switzerland attracts talent.

In a nutshell: there is a multitude of media in Switzerland that can help an employer to search for talent, even free of charge. It is also possible to benefit from a premium service for a larger budget.

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