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French company Revinax establishes operations at the Biopôle in Lausanne

Life sciences

3 July 2024

Revinax, founded in 2015 by neurosurgeon Maxime Ros in Montpellier, has decided to expand its activities by setting up at the Biopôle in Lausanne. Revinax, which specializes in medical training through virtual reality, has developed innovative technology to capture expert gestures in real-life conditions to create immersive tutorials. | © Revinax

Revinax, founded in 2015 by neurosurgeon Maxime Ros in Montpellier, has decided to expand its activities by setting up at the Biopôle in Lausanne.

Neurosurgeon Maxime Ros noticed during his internship the lack of archiving and facilitated transmission of surgical techniques perfected by experienced practitioners. “I have witnessed the moment when the surgeon masters the gesture perfectly. But how do you capture the smallest details? How do you get as close as possible to that perfection when the angle of view doesn’t match that of the main actor?” he wondered.

Faced with these challenges, he decided to come up with an innovative solution. He developed a method of filming the experts’ movements using two cameras below their heads, capturing images from the trainer’s perspective. These recordings are then used to create immersive training sessions that can be accessed via both virtual reality headsets and smartphones. This is how Revinax was born in 2015, with a mission to revolutionize medical training through virtual reality.

Initially focused on surgery, Revinax quickly demonstrated the value of its tool for medical students, residents, emergency physicians and other healthcare professionals. The company was also able to attract prestigious medical device customers such as Becton Dickinson, Medtronic and Smith&Nephew by convincing them to adopt its training tools.

New markets in healthcare and the watchmaking industry

Today, Revinax, which has offices in Paris, Toulouse and New York, offers 120 tutorials on various aspects of healthcare. Maxime Ros had long been thinking about moving to Switzerland to explore this new market. Following a job opportunity for his wife in Fribourg, the move was made. The creation of a Swiss subsidiary in Lausanne, located on the Biopôle life sciences campus, is a strategic step for the company.

In Switzerland, Revinax’s main objective is to develop its business in the healthcare sector under the new brand “Keyros Medica”. A first contract has already been signed with Ecole de la Source. Maxime Ros also plans to explore the Swiss industrial sector, particularly the watchmaking industry, where manual precision is essential. The training of new employees in response to the retirement of baby boomers represents a major opportunity for Revinax in this field.

With this expansion, Revinax continues to revolutionize vocational training with cutting-edge technologies and strengthens its position as a leader in the field of virtual reality applied to learning.