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Geneva fintech Impaakt secures USD 8 million to transform sustainability


11 October 2023

Impaakt has raised nearly USD 8 million, underscoring its robust journey in democratizing sustainability data and impact assessment. Impaakt has raised nearly USD 8 million, underscoring its robust journey in democratizing sustainability data and impact assessment. | © Impaakt

Geneva-based fintech, Impaakt has secured close to USD 8 million in its latest funding round to advance its mission of redefining corporate impact assessment and offering data-powered insights to the business realm.

In an era where sustainability reporting has been pivotal, Impaakt, located in the Fongit incubator in Geneva, boldly posits it is high time to metamorphose from conventional approaches. Intertwining its dedication to an accelerated adoption amongst business leaders and institutions, Impaakt is navigating the tide towards a paradigm where poignant impact data holds the rein.

In 2021, Impaakt has garnered over CHF 2.5 million and a community of 25,000 contributors to scrutinize and evaluate the wide-ranging impacts of large-scale companies. Drawing upon a reservoir of more than 1 million environmental and social evaluations and crafting impact scores for over 5,000 firms since its establishment in 2018, Impaakt has charted a distinctive path, enticing clientele who seek innovative, sustainability-anchored futures.

With this newfound capital, the fintech intends to catapult its growth and sales, augmenting its market penetration and strategic alliances while keeping its community effervescent and engaged. Moreover, it’s steering a portion of these funds towards curating new services tailored for individual investors.

The aspect that distinctly carves Impaakt’s niche is its tenacious focus on gauging the actual environmental and societal repercussions of businesses through a community-driven method. In its onward journey, Impaakt addresses another pivotal concern: enabling individual investors to delineate how their sustainability convictions are mirrored in the financial products retailed by their banks.

A solution for every sustainability preference

In continuing to empower each person by democratizing bespoke sustainability access, Impaakt, with its enriched platform, ensures every user can compute their portfolio impact scores and select investment products harmonizing seamlessly with their values. It’s a nudge towards understanding that impact is not a monolithic, “one-size-fits-all” solution for investors, but rather an avenue that intertwines every end-investor’s sustainability preference.

“At Impaakt, we’re driven by a vision where every individual holds the power to shape a better world. Just as solving the sustainability problem is crucial, ensuring that these tools and knowledge reach everyone is paramount. Let’s transcend barriers and provide all with the personalized tools to ignite positive change and pave the way for a brighter future,” explained Bertrand Gacon, CEO and co-founder of Impaakt.