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Geneva Med-IT start-up Agora Care begins clinical testing

Life sciences

8 March 2022

Specialized in patient-centered storage for medical images, Geneva-based Agora Care is launching three clinical pilots in the Health Valley.

Based in Geneva and supported by FONGIT, Agora Care provides a solution that gives patients the opportunity to be fully in control of their medical images using a simple web-based platform allowing them to share the results of imaging procedures with medical practitioners and healthcare providers anywhere in the world at any time.

Eight months after closing its CHF 1 million pre-seed round and appointing Sophia Genetics’ Jurgi Camblong as Chairman, Agora Care is launching three projects in the Health Valley to test its digital platform. 

ImageRive, the radiology center part of the UNILABS network will be the first to test the Agora Care platform. The free platform for patients consists of a front-end, which is a web-app especially designed for patients and referring physicians (not for diagnosis).

As for the back-end, it manages complex and secure workflow for data acquisition for radiology centers, manual upload of imaging data by the patients themselves, management of access and communication of data that is fully managed by the patient, as well as all the necessary functions to transfer the data to selected physicians and healthcare institutions

The patient who owns an account on the Agora Care platform will receive radiological images from imaging centers as soon as they are completed and will be able to have them automatically forwarded securely to the referring physicians. The free platform for patients will represent a huge step forward.

Addressing a growing global market

As the need for big data and large reference databases grows to support precision medicine, personalized treatments and clinical trials, Agora Care is working hard to accelerate research. The market is expected to reach USD 73.8 billion by 2025. To further grow and seize this opportunity, the start-up is currently finalizing its second financing round before summer 2022.