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Hôpital de La Tour will invest CHF 750 million to create a health campus in Geneva

Life sciences

13 February 2023

Leading private healthcare facility Hôpital de la Tour has entered into a CHF 750 million agreement to create a major health campus project to promote innovation and medical research in the canton of Geneva.

Established in 1967, Hôpital de la Tour is a leading private healthcare facility in Meyrin (canton of Geneva). It boasts modern amenities and highly qualified medical staff, offering a wide range of medical services including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, gynecology, neurology, pediatrics and radiodiagnostics. Hôpital de la Tour is dedicated to promoting medical research, professional development, and collaborating with other institutions for optimal patient care.

The current owners of Hôpital de La Tour have announced that they have signed a sale and leaseback deal with a group of investors advised by Union Bancaire Privée – UBP SA and RMG – The Risk Management Group SA. Under the agreement, the hospital will continue to occupy the two buildings it currently uses as a long-term tenant, while the operating company will remain under the ownership of the present owners.

The CHF 750 million agreement will provide funding for a major health campus project. This multi-stakeholder site will bring together education, medical technology, and healthcare, fostering synergies and becoming a hub for innovation. The campus will cover an area of approximately 150,000 m2 and will be a significant real estate development in the hospital sector.

“We want to use the hospital as the hub of a larger and more ambitious “health campus” bringing together players in the medical, research, medical technology and training fields,” said Jenny Paizi, President of Hôpital de la Tour SA. “The aim is to better support patients in their healthcare journey. In an ageing society, the idea is to develop personalized medicine by focusing on innovation. This involves prevention, nutrition, diagnosis, care, training, research and development.”

 An ambitious health campus at the heart of the Health Valley

The investors aim to construct twelve structures on a 180,000 square meter site, including the current 30,000 square meters occupied by the hospital. The first building is expected to become operational in 2027.

The new building, designated B3, will be built in parallel to the existing structures B1 and B2 and will provide the hospital with the necessary expansion of technical facilities, including operating theaters, catheterization rooms, and radiology. With a design of thirteen levels, including eight floors, two ground floors, and three basements, B3 will also offer additional services such as a hotel for families, a rehabilitation clinic for convalescing patients, pharmacies, dentists, and other paramedical services.

The project will not be limited to providing healthcare services. It will also aim to attract start-ups in medical technology, research and development, and there are discussions of potential synergies with CERN.

The campus will also opportunities for training. La Tour already holds accreditations in ten medical specialties, including internal medicine, emergency, orthopedics, and cardiology. Additionally, the campus could help address the shortage of nurses in Geneva by creating a new health school in collaboration with the canton.