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Innovative Geneva start-ups honored at Pulse Awards 2023

Business environment

17 April 2023

The canton of Geneva has become fertile ground for innovative start-ups, as evidenced by the recent Pulse Awards 2023 ceremony. The event, organized by the HES-SO Geneva Pulse Incubator, showcased eight promising start-ups and awarded some of them with prestigious prizes.

A key event in Geneva’s innovation ecosystem, the Pulse Awards are a biannual awards ceremony organized by the -Pulse Incubator, aimed at rewarding and highlighting the most promising and innovative projects from HES-SO Geneva. These awards offer start-ups recognition for their work and potential, as well as additional funding and support opportunities to help them develop and realize their ideas.

The prestigious Galaxie Award was won by Eyecap, a start-up developing a connected swimming cap for visually impaired and blind individuals. With integrated technology, the cap emits a vibration signal and progressive sound to alert swimmers to the proximity of obstacles in the pool. Eyecap’s prototype is currently in the prototyping phase, and the team is working closely with HEPIA, HEAD, and HES-SO network experts and blind individuals to best meet the needs of future users.

Among the other start-ups awarded during the ceremony were Pvssy Talk, Lightswing Solar, and Immocrush. Pvssy Talk, founded by Anne-Soorya Takoordyal, is a sexual education platform for vulva-havers experiencing pain. The start-up received the Heartfelt Award of CHF 2,000 and will launch its online platform on May 18th. Lightswing Solar was awarded the Raiffeisen Sustainability Prize for its vertical bifacial solar panel system. This innovation, created by Joris Vaucher, is designed to withstand wind and weather while blending into existing agricultural arrangements and green roofs, offering significant yield in the field of agrivoltaics.

Immocrush, on the other hand, received the Pulse Impact Award of CHF 1,000 for its modular housing project for vulnerable individuals and students. Méline, Loric, and Michael, the start-up’s founders, developed an innovative approach to housing by offering “Tiny houses” and converting empty offices with novel modular brick wall solutions.

Geneva, a fertile ground for innovation and collaboration

The canton of Geneva is conducive to the development of innovative companies such as those awarded at the Pulse Awards 2023, thanks to its dynamic and collaborative ecosystem. The presence of renowned academic and research institutions such as HES-SO Geneva, HEPIA, and HEAD fosters the emergence of innovative projects and supports entrepreneurs in their quest for innovation.

Additionally, various actors in Geneva’s innovation ecosystem work synergistically to encourage and support start-ups, as evidenced by the collaboration between -Pulse Incubator HES and other partners such as Genilem and Banque Raiffeisen Villes et Vignobles genevois. The emphasis on sustainability, education, and quality of life in the region also contributes to creating an environment conducive to the development of companies seeking to solve real problems and improve people’s lives. The start-ups awarded at the Pulse Awards 2023 reflect this trend, with projects focused on inclusion, education, health, sustainable energy, and housing.