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Innovative Western Switzeland start-ups take center stage in global awards


20 June 2023

Start-ups WattAnyWhere, Enhance-d, and Neur.on win big in global awards thanks to their pioneering technologies in cleantech, healthcare, and legal tech respectively.

Innovation is flourishing across Western Switzerland, where several startups are pioneering groundbreaking solutions in diverse fields. Garnering international acclaim, three of these remarkable enterprises have recently been recognized in global competitions.

Advancing cleantech with renewable ethanol power generators

In the cleantech sector, Sion-based start-up WattAnyWhere has been acclaimed as the “Most Promising Startup” by the FIT – Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique and KPMG Switzerland. WattAnyWhere has developed an extraordinary mobile generator that uses solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to convert renewable ethanol into high-power electricity. Emitting zero nitrogen oxide, the ultra-silent generator can be fully operational anywhere within a month. Its technology, capable of swiftly charging thousands of electric vehicles, represents a significant step forward in clean energy infrastructure.

A digital revolution in diabetes care

In the healthcare domain, Enhance-d was awarded the inaugural T1D Moonshot Fellowship, celebrating their efforts towards accelerating progress in the prevention, management, and cure of Type 1 diabetes. Based in Bern and founded by a team hailing from Supersapiens, a biowearable technology company offering real-time glucose insights, Enhance-d is developing a comprehensive digital hub for diabetes self-management, foreshadowing a new paradigm for diabetes care.

A paradigm shift for translation in the legal sector

Finally, Neur.on, a Fribourg-based legal tech start-up, clinched a top prize at the 9th Weblaw forum’s startup pitch competition. Last year, Neur.on raised CHF 1.6 million in an investment round to advance its SaaS solution, which empowers legal and finance professionals to control the translation process. Maintaining high levels of quality and confidentiality, Neur.on’s platform has successfully translated nearly 44 million words, revolutionizing the legal translation landscape.

These start-ups from Western Switzerland, each leading innovation in their respective industries, are testament to the region’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, contributing to setting new global standards.