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Inselspital’s CHF 670 million Anna-Seiler-Haus to set new standards in healthcare

Life sciences

21 August 2023

Replacing the main building constructed in 1970, the Anna-Seiler-Haus stands out as one of Switzerland's most advanced and appealing hospital buildings. Replacing the main building constructed in 1970, the Anna-Seiler-Haus stands out as one of Switzerland’s most advanced and appealing hospital buildings. | © Insel Gruppe

On 17 August 2023, the canton of Bern celebrated a new chapter in healthcare advancement with the inauguration of the Anna-Seiler-Haus, the new main building of the renowned Berner Inselspital.

Nestled in the heart of the canton of Bern, the Anna-Seiler-Haus stands as a testament to the Inselspital’s ongoing commitment to medical excellence and innovation. Symbolizing the fusion of state-of-the-art infrastructure with patient-centric design, its inauguration not only enhances the skyline but also promises to redefine the standards of medical care in the region.

This 18-story edifice, sprawling across 82,000 square meters, encompasses a capacity for 532 beds. It’s not just about numbers, though. This is a structure that promises patient-oriented care, an emphasis on health promotion, and energy efficiency.

The dynamics of the new building symbolize how intricate designs can transform clinical routines. By promoting interaction and communication across departments, the new design promises improved patient care quality. One cannot overlook the leaps it takes in cardiac and vascular medicine, housing all operating theaters, catheter systems, and cardiovascular diagnostic devices in proximity.

This building, costing CHF 670 million, also signifies regional economic growth. By commissioning 75% of its projects to companies in the capital region and 95% to those within Switzerland, the establishment of Anna-Seiler-Haus not only amplifies healthcare prospects but also bolsters the local economy.

Future-ready medical infrastructure to redefine patient-centric healthcare

Patients can anticipate an ambient, contemporary environment in Anna-Seiler-Haus. A building that prioritizes optimal patient care, easy navigation, and short travel distances. Its design allows for standard room types to adapt to constant changes in hospital operations, ensuring a future-ready medical infrastructure.

Dr. med. h.c. Uwe E. Jocham, Director President of the Insel Group, encapsulated the sentiments aptly. He reflected on the nine-year journey from conception to realization and emphasized the hospital’s transformative vision. Highlighting the patient-centric approach, he said, “It’s more than just a building; it’s the embodiment of our progressive development.”

While the canton of Bern has always been recognized for its academic prowess and innovative spirit in the life sciences, the inauguration of the Anna-Seiler-Haus firmly cements its position as a leading force in modern healthcare.