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LOXO introduces the first driverless delivery in Switzerland


21 February 2023

Bern-based start-up LOXO is testing a revolutionary driverless delivery service called “Migronomous” with Migros and Schindler.

Since 2018, Bern-based start-up LOXO has been committed to creating a reliable autonomous vehicle for last-mile package delivery. The LOXO team’s research has led to significant breakthroughs by combining autonomous driving technology with a state-of-the-art teleoperation system. After successful trials, LOXO entered phase 1 of prototype development and tested its technology on various projects. With the proof of concept in place, the company began to welcome manufacturing, commercial and service partners. The first LOXO vehicle was unveiled in December 2022.

In early 2023, Migros and Schindler announced that they were jointly testing a revolutionary delivery service called “Migronomous”. The LOXO-designed vehicle, which is driverless and powered by an electric motor, is already delivering food products between the Migros store and the Schindler campus in Ebikon. This is the first time that such an innovative delivery service has been implemented on the roads of Switzerland.

Innovative, environmentally friendly and Swiss

The driverless delivery service is made possible by sensors installed on the vehicle that constantly detect the vehicle’s environment, passers-by, traffic and road signs. The vehicle is equipped with an emission-free electric motor. The LOXO Alpha can carry up to 64 shopping bags. “This offers a huge potential to reduce private traffic on Swiss roads, as customers will no longer take their cars to shop,” says Lara Amini, co-founder of LOXO. The “LOXO Alpha” was entirely designed and built by engineers in Switzerland. It is the first driverless delivery vehicle to operate on public roads in Switzerland.

A teleoperator monitors the first deliveries to ensure smooth operation, and full automation of the delivery service is expected in the final phase of the pilot project. With its autonomous delivery vehicle, LOXO is setting a milestone in delivery logistics and demonstrating that sustainable, emission-free mobility is feasible in the future.