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Nanomedicine pioneer Nanobacterie achieves remarkable patent ranking

Life sciences

23 August 2023

Backed by its parent company Nanobacterie's fourth-place in nanomedicine patent rankings by Marks and Clerk, AlphaOnco Swiss channels the synergy of Franco-Swiss collaboration to bring forth groundbreaking cancer treatments. Backed by its parent company Nanobacterie’s fourth-place in nanomedicine patent rankings by Marks and Clerk, AlphaOnco Swiss channels the synergy of Franco-Swiss collaboration to bring forth groundbreaking cancer treatments.

Drawing from the achievements of its parent company, Nanobacterie, Valais-based AlphaOnco Swiss stands at the forefront of innovative nanomedicine-based cancer treatments.

Nanomedicine, with its revolutionary use of nanoscale materials, is redefining the boundaries of medical innovation. Leading this transformation is AlphaOnco Swiss, the subsidiary of the renowned French company Nanobacterie.

Despite Nanobacterie’s modest size, it swiftly garnered accolades for its progressive work in the realm of nanomedicine-based cancer therapeutics. The targeted methodology of nanomedicine ensures therapeutic agents directly reach the disease site, amplifying the drug’s efficacy while curbing side effects. Building upon Nanobacterie’s foundational research, AlphaOnco Swiss seeks to exploit nanoparticles’ potential to craft efficacious oncological solutions. This molecular and cellular tailoring of treatments doesn’t just elevate the standard of care but holds the promise of significantly better patient outcomes.

The prowess of Nanobacterie recently drew recognition when the distinguished IP firm, Marks and Clerk, placed it at an impressive fourth position for its volume of patents in nanomedicine. This accolade is particularly notable given the competitive field of medical research. Nanobacterie’s success, as the sole small entity with a lean team of fewer than ten to secure such a commendable ranking, underscores the relentless spirit of innovation that fuels its endeavors.

AlphaOnco Swiss is currently actively courting investors to secure the necessary financing, propelling its pioneering endeavors further into the realm of innovative cancer treatments.

A longstanding collaboration with Switzerland

Edouard Alphandéry, CEO of Nanobacterie and founder of AlphaOnco Swiss, has highlighted the company’s longstanding collaboration with Switzerland. Given the country’s strong inclination towards innovation and biotechnological research, Switzerland provided a natural ground for AlphaOnco Swiss’s ambitions. The company’s connection with Swiss institutions spans over six years, making the decision to establish a subsidiary there logical and strategic. When deciding on the specific location within Switzerland, Alphandéry approached GGBa and the Economic Promotion Valais.

The local agencies’ guidance led him to the BioArk in Monthey (canton of Valais), which is renowned for its robust support to start-ups. Being at BioArk, AlphaOnco Swiss leverages Swiss regulatory expertise, ensuring their innovative treatment aligns with quality and safety standards. According to Alphandéry, this location not only streamlined the collaboration between France and Switzerland, but also allowed AlphaOnco Swiss to benefit from the regulatory strengths that Switzerland brings to the table.

Building on Nanobacterie’s achievements, AlphaOnco Swiss is primed to further the trajectory of research and innovation in nanomedicine-oriented cancer care. With Nanobacterie’s robust patent repertoire bolstering its position, AlphaOnco Swiss is well-poised to attract further investments and form strategic alliances. As cancer continues to challenge the global community, AlphaOnco Swiss is an example of how nanomedicine can usher in revolutionary treatments. From their base in Valais, they are spearheading advances that have the medical world and patients excited for the next breakthrough.