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Neuchâtel privacy start-up Nym joined by Swisscom


2 February 2022

Swisscom is joining Nym, a start-up specialized in leveraging blockchain technology to reward nodes that run global privacy networks.

Built by leading researchers and experienced developers, Nym Technologies is an open-source and decentralized infrastructure that offers full-stack privacy. The platform is permission-less and incentivized, empowering developers to build applications that guarantee security against metadata surveillance at the mixnet and credentials levels.

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, will be joining the Nym network as a validator node. Swisscom’s Digital Asset division is responsible for the pilot initiative, where it joins a validator consortium of industry leaders like Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Polychain, Binance, and DCG, to name a few, who will operate the consensus backbone of the network by maintaining the Nym blockchain.

Based in Neuchâtel, Nym Technologies is spearheading decentralized infrastructure coming out of Europe. The Nym network comprises thousands of computers that mix and obfuscate data, allowing users to preserve their online privacy.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Nym is able to create and scale a global and decentralized privacy infrastructure, where computers that participate in the network are incentivized and rewarded through its native token.

Embracing innovation around data privacy

Swisscom believes that decentralized open networks have the potential to transform conventional platform business models, reducing lock-in effects and fostering community-owned open platforms. For such openly accessible networks to be successful, solutions for greater data privacy guarantees are needed to gain user trust.

Through this pilot initiative, Swisscom is underlining its mission to partner with the most ambitious projects to foster more decentralized and data-ownership centered business models.