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Picterra raises USD 6.5 million to democratize geospatial mapping


4 May 2022

Vaud-based Picterra is a leading provider of geospatial machine learning software. The company announced the closing of a USD 6.5 million financing round led by VI Partners.

Earth Observation imagery is this century’s key resource. As satellite and aerial imagery become more accessible, companies are discovering new use cases as part of their data strategy. An integral part of Picterra’s solutions, these include proactive monitoring of transport, infrastructure, and energy networks to ensure companies meet and exceed their ESG goals.

However, the innate scale of such use cases requires smart use of machine learning in order to get useful insights. With Picterra’s no code ML SaaS platform, users can train, manage, and deploy powerful geospatial algorithms that rapidly transform images into real-world positive impact.

Led by venture capital firm VI Partners, with participation from ACE & Company, Picterra has raised USD 6,5 million in a financing round that will enable the Vaud-based company to pursue its mission of democratizing access to Earth observation imagery and geospatial ML.

Olivier Laplace, Partner at VI Partners, said: “In the past decade, satellite and drone prices have been reduced by factors of 100x to 1000x. This is creating an explosion of geospatial images to be analyzed in an affordable way: an exceptional opportunity for Picterra that is well-positioned to become the leader in the democratization of machine learning for geospatial analysis and its many ESG applications.”

Helping humanity protect our global ecosystem

As the effects of climate change continue to have a devastating impact on the planet and our lives, Picterra’s mission is to support businesses of any kind to anticipate and mitigate the associated risks, helping humanity make better-informed decisions to protect our global ecosystem.

Adam Said, Founding Partner and CEO at ACE & Company, said: “The opportunity in mass adoption of geospatial intelligence remains significant, as most organizations have not yet recognized the role this powerful tool can play in their operations. By making ML geospatial analysis accessible to most, Picterra is in a unique position to scale this market by empowering its customers to make better informed decisions in the most cost-effective way.”