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Testmate Health raises USD 6 million to combat STIs with innovative home testing kits

Life sciences

8 May 2024

Testmate Health, a Lausanne-based start-up, has successfully raised USD 6 million to advance the development and commercialization of their at-home rapid test kits for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). As STI rates continue to rise worldwide, Testmate Health’s advancements represent a critical development in the fight against these infections, offering promising prospects for both public health impact and market growth in the diagnostics sector. | © Testmate Health

Testmate Health, a Lausanne-based start-up, has raised USD 6 million to advance the development and commercialization of their at-home rapid test kits for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The World Health Organization reports approximately 374 million new STI cases annually, including treatable infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. Often asymptomatic, these infections spread quickly, exacerbated by the stigma and high costs associated with traditional testing methods. Untreated, STIs can lead to severe health issues, including increased risk of HIV, infertility, and other long-term complications.

Building on the momentum of its previous CHF 1.6 million financing round, Testmate Health has developed a cost-effective, over-the-counter diagnostic urine test primarily targeting chlamydia and gonorrhea—two major causes of infertility. This user-friendly kit enables individuals to conduct tests privately at home, delivering results within 30 minutes and eliminating the need for clinical visits. In cases of positive results, the system connects users with healthcare professionals for immediate consultation and prescription, providing an integrated solution from diagnosis to treatment.

“With this funding, Testmate is set to accelerate product development, enhance testing, and expand market reach,” stated Siew-Veena Sahi, Founder and CEO of Testmate Health. “Our goal is making a positive impact on global public health by helping end the silent epidemic of sexually transmitted infections for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Through Testmate’s low-cost urine-based DNA platform detection technology, we’re empowering individuals to take control of their sexual health with accessible, accurate, and convenient testing solutions, from home.”

The funding round, led by RH Capital and supported by Zürcher Kantonalbank and The Helm, among others, reflects growing confidence in Testmate Health’s potential to transform STI diagnosis and management. Positioned within Biopôle’s vibrant start-up ecosystem, Testmate benefits from a collaborative environment conducive to innovation. The company’s efforts align with WHO’s call for increased collaboration in tackling the STI epidemic, highlighting the critical role of innovative testing solutions in public health strategies.