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The canton of Vaud’s eight technology parks: springboards for innovation

Why Switzerland

These technology parks are dynamic ecosystems designed to foster synergies between companies by pooling premises, technical infrastructure and skills. These technology parks are dynamic ecosystems designed to foster synergies between companies by pooling premises, technical infrastructure and skills. | © EPFL Innovation Park

At the heart of Western Switzerland, the canton of Vaud is home to eight unique technology parks, offering the ideal setting for companies looking to establish themselves, expand and innovate in a variety of industries. Here’s an overview of these eight technology parks.


Agropôle is a unique campus dedicated to the agri-food sector. Its aim is to accelerate the development of food-related innovation and technologies. The campus federates an active community of professionals, facilitates research and development projects, and constitutes a commercial network for the establishment of sustainable food.

Les Ateliers de Renens

Close to the Pôle design and the ECAL (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne), Les Ateliers de Renens is dedicated to innovation, training, design and social innovation. It constitutes a living ecosystem of companies that share a collaborative mindset. It also boasts a fully-equipped Makerspace and hosts organizations such as UniverCité and Hackuarium.


Biopôle specializes in life sciences. Located close to the CHUV ( Lausanne University Hospital) and the Swiss Cancer Center (Agora), it boasts high-performance infrastructures and laboratories, making it a unique research hub in the fields of oncology, immunology, therapeutic nutrition and personalized medicine.

EPFL Innovation Park

The EPFL Innovation Park is home to high-tech start-ups, with its “Le Garage” and “La Forge” incubators. It is a dynamic location and benefits from the proximity of the EPFL ( Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne), an undeniable asset for companies wishing to innovate.

swiss aeropole

Under the slogan “Where Aviation Inspires Creation”, swiss aeropole brings together traditional and future aviation, along with military aviation activities. The 40-hectare site is home to Swiss and international companies such as Boschung, in fields as diverse as aeronautics, aerospace, autonomous solutions, drones, information technology, energy and materials.

Technopôle de Sainte-Croix

The Technopôle de Sainte-Croix is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines for prototyping and an industrial 3D metal printer. It offers start-ups and laboratories the opportunity to use Advanced Manufacturing capabilities.

Y-PARC Swiss Technopole

Y-PARC has an industrial vocation, hosting several major SMEs such as Heraeus, Colibrys and Lamina Technologies. Its proximity to the HEIG-VD (the canton of Vaud’s School of Engineering and Management) encourages innovation transfer.

unlimitrust campus

Initiated by SICPA, the unlimitrust campus aims to build a more trustworthy world where interactions of all kinds can be conducted in complete security. It aims to bring together opinion leaders and mobilize their expertise to address the challenges of trust in society.

These technology parks provide the canton of Vaud with an ideal breeding ground for innovation, technological development and entrepreneurship. They are a perfect illustration of how synergies between diverse players can energize a region and contribute to the emergence of solutions to major societal and economic challenges.