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24 June 2024 has launched an online store for innovative medical armbands to enhance patient comfort and care. Founded in 202, offers CE-certified, patent-pending sleeves designed for comfort, safety, and functionality, enhancing patient quality of life. | © has launched an online store for innovative medical armbands to enhance patient comfort and care., a Lausanne-based medical technology company, has launched an online store for its innovative medical armbands designed to improve the daily lives of patients with PICC lines, midlines, other catheters, bandages and glucose sensors. The products will initially be sold in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, with plans to expand to other markets.

Founded in 2023 by attorney Alain Mundt, reinvents protective covers for PICC lines, midlines and other types of catheters, as well as fistulas and dressings. Mundt was inspired to develop these products after his own cancer diagnosis and realized the importance of supportive medical devices during treatment. After four years of intensive development, the company has introduced four highly functional comfort armbands for everyday use and showering. These are the first CE-certified Class 1 medical devices of their kind under MDR 2017, with patents already filed.

The primary goal of is to enhance the quality of life for patients with catheters. According to founder Alain Mundt, “Often, it’s the small things during medical treatment that make a big difference and positively impact the course of treatment.” Mundt emphasizes that all their devices combine the highest levels of functionality, safety, and comfort, even during extended use. The company uses only high-quality certified textiles known for maximum skin tolerance.

The range of applications for sleeves is extensive. They protect PICC lines for chemotherapy, parenteral antibiotic therapy, parenteral nutrition, regular blood sampling and more. They are also used for midlines, various catheters, dressings and bandages, wound and burn care, glucose sensors and insulin pumps. The advanced sleeves are used by individuals as well as large institutions. They have been tested by CHI-HC Pontarlier in France and EHC Morges in Switzerland. To date, approximately 250 units have been distributed in Switzerland and France.

European production and expansion

The wristbands are made in Europe, ensuring better control, high quality standards, fair working conditions and a minimal environmental footprint. Product certification has been achieved without animal testing. The sleeves are unique due to their special design and lack of seams, providing perfect support and protection without discomfort. They are easy to put on and take off without assistance and are machine washable, making them user-friendly for patients and caregivers. The high quality of the products is demonstrated by their excellent performance in a 100-machine wash test.

The next steps are to expand the distribution network, particularly in Switzerland and France, and to strengthen cooperation with professional customers such as hospitals and home care institutions.